Kurt Geiger Shoes for Men

You may have found yourself strolling through a shopping centre in any city in the UK on a Saturday afternoon and walked past a Kurt Geiger store. You may have marvelled at the heels in the chic window displays and not even known that they have a fantastic collection of shoes for men. Well they do. In fact, we would go as far as to say that we think that they have the best  shoe collection for men on the high street. Recent years has seen the brand garner international attention for their womenswear offerings, with the men’s shoes going somewhat unnoticed. It’s a great shame and one that we think that you should be correcting right now. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a look at some of the strongest shoes currently available on the site, along with guidance on the man that should be wearing them.

The fashion maverick

7010484209_1 Suede shoes are all the range at the moment. As long as you keep out of the rain, you should be good to go. These slip-on’s are stylish and comfortable and given a dapper touch by the tassels which take them from casual to smart.

The office worker

7009800109_1 Sitting in an office all day does not mean that you have to look formulaic and boring. Monk shoes are incredibly smart and these black leather ones, with a streamlined shape are perfect all day in the office wear.

The skateboarder


If you are the sort of chap that spends his evenings and weekends in a skate park, you will now the importance of a good high top sneaker. The embossed animal print really makes these sneakers stand out.

Him indoors


We don’t really want to leave the house in the winter, so we need to make sure that all time indoors is as comfortable as possible. Black flat slippers with sheepskin lining will ensure that you never move from that sofa.

The adventurer


Should you find yourself in a field/ forest or mountain over the winter you will be glad of the company of Hunter wellington boots. These smart black, tall boots will go with everything and are incredibly functional. Explore all of our picks and more at Kurt Geiger. What do you think of our picks? Tweet Taj. For more menswear check out the following:

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