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Nicknamed 'Sin City' and the 'Entertainment Capital of the World', it was only a matter of time before we featured Las Vegas, Nevada, widely considered to be the ultimate stag destination of choice. Getting There You have a good selection of airports to choose from in the UK including London (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City), Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You’re better off opting for a direct flight which will take approximately 11 hours and can vary between £500 - £650 per person depending on which time of year you choose to travel. So, it may be worth considering a hotel and flight package deal. Climate Las Vegas has a subtropical desert climate, meaning that it enjoys sunshine all year around - an average of 300 days per year. Although it can get cold in winter, it will rarely drop below freezing and March is the wettest month of year seeing only 3-4 days of rain. Whenever you choose to go, the average daytime temperature will be between 20 - 30C. Stay When most people think of Las Vegas, they picture the ‘strip’ which is also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. For pure novelty you should consider staying here although better value is offered elsewhere, including a handful of well known hotels just off the ‘strip’. You will be limited to just hotel rooms but spend a little extra and you can opt for suites with interconnecting rooms depending on your group size. We recommend a four day break and you will save money if you stay between Monday to Thursday and the nights out will be no less eventful. Also, check that you are not planning a trip around the same time as a major convention when hotel prices shoot up and availability drops. Expect to pay upwards of £25 per night per person for a standard shared room anywhere on the ‘strip'. Remember all the hotels have excellent facilities and you will spend less time in your room than you think. To Do We honestly don’t know where to begin with this. You have the obvious choice of gambling but seeing as though it’s a stag, and you’re in Vegas, we figure you’ll end up in a casino at some stage. If you choose to stay close to the 'strip', your best bet is heading to the hotels for the attractions that they offer ‘in-house’. Our picks are the rides and rollercoasters at Circus Circus, New York New York and The Stratosphere Hotels, but do your homework as each hotel offers unique attractions . Outside of Vegas, good options include kayaking in the Colorado River, authentic cowboy tours, helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon and outdoor activities at the Red Rock Canyon National Park. Keep an eye out for comedy shows and the headline acts, as you may be able to coincide your stay with some big name performances. Magic shows, adult shows and Cirque Du Soleil shows are the very essence of what Las Vegas has to offer but ticket prices are not cheap are usually in excess of £40 each. Then there's always the hotel pool which can be lively during the day. Some hotels run daytime parties known as ‘Ultra Pool’, essentially a mix of a club and pool in one. Eat You will not need to venture off the strip. All the hotels and casinos offer an array of dining options from American hamburgers to fine dining. There’s nothing that you won’t find to suit your taste and you will of course have the usual fast food options in the early hours. Drink & Party Every time we head to Las Vegas there is a new resort which has opened up and therefore current flavour of the month. But truth be told, you will have an incredible night wherever you choose to party. Drinks are not cheap and entry can be difficult for some of the more sought after spots, so we recommend buying a table for the evening which normally has a minimum spend of £350 and upwards. It may sound a lot but for a group of 5 or more this is very reasonable as it includes entry and drinks up to that value. You could easily spend the same on alcohol if you don’t have a table, minus the VIP factor, which we all deserve once in Vegas. Do check out different venues each night and don’t forget to ask the locals for advice as the ‘place to be’ changes often. Most hotels on the strip have a nightclub and if you ask politely, will gladly show you the VIP room/areas before you purchase a table so that you can be sure that is where you want to be for the rest of the night. As a general rule, you should always get free access to the club within your own hotel. If you’re spending (and losing money) at any hotel casino you will be open to unspoken privileges which may include free entry to their club and complimentary drinks. Don't be shy, Las Vegas prides itself on its hospitality and ability to get you to part with your hard earned. And whilst in Vegas, don't forget the obligatory Hangover costume to remind everyone why you are there. Stay Safe Las Vegas naturally attracts a lot of unsavoury characters, as evidenced by its rather high crime rate; mainly in the form of robbery, pick pocketing and assault. It’s advisable to be vigilant on the way home along the strip but as a stag group, the most you are likely to experience is hassle from people selling you the service of escorts on the way home. Which brings me to my final point and contrary to popular belief, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.

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