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Lazeez Lebanese Tapas Review – Levantine Restaurant MayFair

Best for a casual dinner with friends
29 Duke St, Mayfair, London W1U 1LF 020 7935 2755 Menu | Twitter | Facebook Located off the busy hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and opposite the world famous Selfridges, this somewhat inconspicuous looking establishment boasts an array of tapas dishes to tickle your taste buds. Diners can choose to be seated by the bar, in the main restaurant or for a quiet and more private affair, in the basement-dining hall. Warm, hospitable and honest, the venue provides diners with the experience of downtown Beirut in the heart of London.

Levantine Restaurant MayFair

Halal Restaurant Mayfair


A restaurant that truly caters for all, the menu offers a wide selection of vegetarian options whilst the meat is Halal. The menu is what you would normally expect from a Levantine eatery - grilled meats but with a succulent twist on the usual dry, often flavourless grills. The sheesh kebab in particular was juicy and bursting with flavour! Whilst the vegetarian options are just as well prepared ranging from Fatoush and Tabbouleh (Lebanese salads), generously sized falafels, grilled halloumi, Batata Harra (spiced potatoes), vine leaves, mosaka and houmous, all served with soft, warm Lebanese bread. Lazeez Mayfair


Highly recommended are the sharing platters, of which consists a vegetarian and meat option for diners who wish to experience a wide range of what’s on the menu, and an option of grilled sea bass for seafood lovers. The stand-alone mains offer a choice between cubes of lamb, and chicken, sheesh and kofta (or a mixed grill) all of which come with complimentary fries (with a sprinkling of Lazeez spices) or rice. Levantine Restaurant MayFair

Halal Restaurant Mayfair


The crisp and juicy baklava pastries are a must although, the Lazeez Pudding stole the show with it’s light, creamy texture and delicate hints of rose water all to be washed down with a refreshing pot of mint tea. Lazeez Lebanese Wine


An interesting selection of classic inspired cocktails with a Lebanese twist and an equally impressive range of non-alcoholic cocktails. For those looking for the true taste of Lebanon, the aniseed infused Arak drink does the trick, whilst a glass of St. Thomas Lebanese wine was a fine accompaniment to enjoy with the grilled meats.


Around £35 per person for a 3-course meal with a glass of wine and a pot of mint tea.
For more information and reservations please visit:
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