Maharishi AW16 Collection

One of the bets things about going to fashion week is seeing brands that we love reinventing menswear in new ways. One of the brands that we are always keen to watch are Maharishi, who have presented another fantastic new collection. as_maha_aw16_03 Part I of the collection took inspiration from clothing worn by devotees within religious orders around the world. Part II explores beyond – citing subcultures that share devotional and ritualistic observances, a uniform, a moral code, and set of beliefs between members. Take for example a military platoon, gang, crew, or tribe – all operate as discrete subcultures within civil society. They issue uniforms, create insignia, and assign rank. as_maha_aw16_06 as_maha_aw16_09 Insignia and badging are a dominant theme of this season, with silhouettes taking reference from those worn by gang or crew members. Details such as badging, characteristic raw edges, and rough cut finishing further solidify the lineage across military, gang, or crew uniform, and the collection. Rocker banners and badges adorn garments and are incorporated into their seam structures. Many have been left blank for a sense of ambiguity, allowing the wearer devotion to their own cause. Their placement however takes inspiration from military, biker, and streetwear applications, which share this common thread. as_maha_aw16_013 as_maha_aw16_015 Spiritual devotion is a mainstay that is referenced continuously in maharishi collections. It represents an ongoing thematic duality; east meets west, and nature meets technology. A number of silhouettes this season have taken exaggerated cues from the robes of Buddhist monks and the blankets of Indian Sadhus. A key colour for the season is Lama, and draws inspiration from Tibetan Buddhist monks’ habits – reinforcing maharishi’s pacifist approach to military design. Other key colours include a dusty pink taking cue from the Pink Panthers of World War II, and finally a nature inspired autumnal rust. Patterns reinterpret seasonal colours to achieve the core Temple Camouflage colourway, with Autumn, Jungle, and Night rounding out the palette. Bonsai tree shapes growing from heavenly clouds remind us that camouflage has its roots in nature. as_maha_aw16_016 Whether a religion, spiritual following, military squadron or platoon, gang, crew, or tribe, these vastly different subcultures share one foundational aspect – devotion. Explore further at Maharishi. What do you think of the swag new collection? Tweet Taj. or more great menswear check out the following:

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