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Man Bags UK: A Guide For The Modern Gent

Drowning in a sea of leather handles? Fear not – help is at hand. There are so many man bags on the market at the moment that it is hard to know where to start. I have compiled a handy guide to the range along with some guidance on which one would suit you best.

Men's Briefcases - Mont Blanc

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Slick, smart and looks the business. Most briefcases are quite standard in size so hold no more than a few documents and maybe an apple if you are lucky. Designed for the office, or for Mafia style negotiations, opt for a high end one to really stand out. This Mont Blanc at Mr Porter says understated luxury. For – business men and gangsters.

Men's Satchels - Cambridge Satchel Company

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Many attempts to revitalise the satchel over the last few years have failed as they are still associated with smart university undergraduates. If you want one, and do not want to look like you are headed for a first in a philosophy degree from Oxford, check out the impressive range from the Cambridge Satchel Company. For – students and hipsters.

Men's Backpacks - Topman

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Despite high end offerings from the likes of Givenchy, the backpack will always remind me of lugging books home from school and therefore will forever (in my mind at least) be the bag for the school boy. If you want to relive those happy days, Topman have a huge range of backpacks. For – travellers and school boys .

Men's Tote Bags - Mulberry

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There are some trends for men that filter over from our better halves. Tote bags are one of these – strictly reserved for the fashionistas among us, lest you want to look like Victoria Beckham carrying her Hermès over town. If you insist on one, I would recommend Mulberry at Matches Fashion in a slick black which ups the man factor. For – the über fashionable and women.

Men's Washbags - Paul Smith

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Every self respecting man that takes his grooming seriously should know the importance of a great wash bag. Paul Smith have a great selection of printed ones that are high quality, look smart and actually serve a purpose. For – the well groomed.

Men's Gym Bags - American Apparel

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The gym bag is the most over saturated of all bags, with designers and brands clambering to get a piece of that gym action. A bag can paint a thousand words – and if you stepped into the gym with this American Apparel duffle bag, it would say “I am here to improve my body without giving too much thought into what bag I am holding.For – yoga classes and street kids.

Document Holders - Reiss

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Strictly for work and a fairly new development in the bag market, a good document holder should serve its purpose of holding documents for you. It will not hold much else, so don’t try and do not carry it like a purse. Reiss have some of the best. For – men who men business and carry lots of paper.

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