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Mauritius Honeymoon

Hi Entouraaj, I am booking my honeymoon in Mauritius for November this year and I can’t decide how long to go for – two weeks and fly economy or nine days and fly premium economy. Help? - Sailesh, Leicester Hi Sailesh. Your decision should of course be bound by personal preference and budget constraints. But assuming the cost for both options are the same, we say nine days and fly premium. Why? Simply because the honeymoon commences the moment you arrive at the airport – the idea of flying in more comfort will be more appealing on the 12 hour flight. You’ll get a glass of champagne and extra luggage allowance for all your gear. Additionally, nine days in Mauritius, although a fantastic island, could be sufficient for a couple who want to do nothing more than eat well, rest well and…ahem.. play well. Yes, you could manage two weeks out there but unless you plan on shopping a great deal, you may find yourself eager to get back and to a routine, especially after all the wedding palava.

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