McLavin Style: Reviewing my style choices is something I constantly do

21-year-old Eklavya Juneja, better known by the pseudonym McLavin, is perhaps one of the most successful Asian male fashion bloggers out there. His Instagram account boasts over 3,000 followers whilst his blog mclavinstyle.com is as sleek, sharp and relevant as his fashion choices. I caught up with the young fellow who likes to be called 'Lav' about all things style and more. What’s the story with the name McLavin? So, my university friends know me as McLovin (from the movie Superbad) and my real name is Eklavya or Lav for short - so it’s a marriage of the two, giving birth to McLavin! Do you ever look back at some of your style choices from your blog and think, “Oh God, what was I thinking?!”  Reviewing my style choices is something I constantly do - it’s important to assess where one went wrong in order to avoid those same choices in the future. It’s all one big learning curve, but it’s important to take risks and experiment too in order to develop my brand McLavin Style. McLavin Interview
Have a strong wrist game is important
What do you love about fashion blogging? Hands down, the best thing is definitely the feedback I receive from my readers, not only complimenting the style but also suggesting what things they think can be improved upon. It’s exciting to see the different points of views and opinions from the readers. Also, I never knew that fashion bloggers regularly receive free stuff from big brands and labels. Nor did I ever believe that you can make a living from this, which is great! What one accessory in your opinion should each guy have in his collection? Have a strong wrist game is important; I always wear simple classy watches such as the Tissot T-classic which is in most of my blog posts. Details play an important role in your style and reflect a lot about an individual’s character. What makes you so insightful in what you do? I am to make my blog posts worthwhile for my readers by investing a lot of time and effort into the work I do whilst also maintaining a strong sense of self criticism. I try observing things from a third person angle in order to gain an insight into how my content is perceived by others. What's your pet hate of what guys are wearing right now? There’s nothing to hate about what other individuals wear, everyone has their own style. While living in New York I came across a lot of people with their own unique style - I always try and learn from other peoples style elements and endeavour to incorporate some of these aspects into my own style.
I believe everyone has their own style
Eklavya Juneja Interview There’s a fine line between following a trend and expressing a trend. How does one strike such a balance? There always has to be an element of authenticity when following a trend in order to not merely copy and paste someone else’s outfit. I take a lot of inspiration from the people I see everyday. I believe everyone has their own style and is appreciated by individuals in their own niche. So what’s the one trend that we should be looking out for this summer? Double denim seems to be big this season. All the major designers showcased denim-clad collections for Spring/Summer 2015. What's next on the horizon for McLavin Style? I’ll be continuing with my blog which is published on a weekly basis and if all things go to plan, then I have some plans in the pipeline for an online retail store which will see McLavin Style becoming an official brand. Finally, what advice do you have for other up and coming fashion bloggers? Social media plays an important role. Instagram has become very popular amongst style influencers and fashion bloggers. Everything comes down to the content you share and how frequently you do it. So in this fast paced environment, your growth depends on how quickly you adapt to trends.

For more images and information follow Eklvaya on Instagram or visit his McLavin Style.

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