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It goes without saying that 2014 has been the year of the beard. Something that until recently, was seen as scruffy or what a hairy biker would sport, has now turned into an international trend with the likes of George Clooney, Tom Hardy and Tim Howard influencing the best of us to grow out our whiskers and show the world just how manly we are. Formed due to their shared passion of male grooming and looking good; owners Liam Jennings and Josh Blackburn 'aim to be the best online retailer for gentleman’s grooming needs'. With exceptional customer service and satisfaction being one of Regal Gentleman's aims, you can be sure to find high quality products at affordable prices and we pick out our favourite items from the range below.

For Clean Shaven Men

Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Sandalwood Shaving Cream

As you remove the lid and are welcomed by it’s warming sandalwood scent and it’s silky, satin cream you’re reminded exactly why it’s the perfect shaving cream for your skin. Best applied with a dampened shaving brush (also available from, the tiniest amount lathers in to a nourishing foamy cream. For as long as I can remember I’ve always used aerosol canned shaving foams and gels. Always dreading when the time would come to shave as I’d have to go over the same part of my face several times before I had a full clean shave. When using the sandalwood shaving cream however, I literally went over no same spot more than twice. My razor would glide straight through the lathery cream giving me the perfect shave. I also noticed that I had a lot fewer ingrown hairs - something I used to painstakingly battle with. I can conclude that the sandalwood shaving cream has won me over, I’ve ditched the shaving foam and am definitely pro-shaving cream. A 150g sample is available for £8.95 from Sandalwood Luxury Aftershave Gel

Sandalwood Luxury Aftershave Gel

Going hand-in-hand with the sandalwood shaving cream, the sandalwood luxury aftershave gel is exactly what it says on the tube. Pure luxury. Just like the shaving cream, the tiniest amount goes a long way and works absolute wonders. Containing ingredients such a witch hazel, it helps to soothe and moisturise the skin, treat acne as well as tighten the pores; which is exactly what you want to do after a shave to help prevent dirt and bacteria becoming trapped in your pores. A 75ml sample is available for £11.95 from 

For Men With A Trimmed Beard

Old Jolls Beard Oil  

Old Jolls Beard Oil

Now, I don’t have the faintest idea who ‘Old Joll’ was, but if this beard oil is anything to go by he was a great, great man. Scented with its black pepper, grapefruit and tea tree oils, applying this to your beard in the morning wakes you up in the perfect way. Regal Gentleman recommend to apply the beard oil straight out of the shower to a damp face as it’s when your facial hair and skin will be most receptive to absorbing the vitamin E and essential oils contained. Using this on my stubble definitely made an all round difference, as I left my facial hair to grow I noticed I experienced a lot less itchiness. Along with this I also noticed an improvement with my skin. Having oily/combination skin, the last thing I expected to help my skin was more oil - however it did exactly that. I noticed I had less dry skin beneath my facial hair because unlike moisturisers, beard oil is able to penetrate through facial hair and absorb into the skin. A 10ml sample is available for £6.95 from Jevington Jiggs’ Moustache and Beard Wax

Jevington Jiggs’ Moustache and Beard Wax

Jev Jiggs was said to be quite the fella and The Brighton Beard Company expresses this perfectly through the scent and nature of this wax. With signature scents of mandarin, cedarwood and frankincense, the wax leaves you with a subtly fresh smelling beard. Giving a very firm hold the wax is perfect for anyone who is forever trying to fight against those stray hairs with a mind of their own, growing in all directions. Not only is it great to use everyday to tame your facial hair but it’s also perfect for sculpting your ‘tache. A 30ml sample is available for £8.95 from 

For Men With A Long Beard

Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo

Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo

I can’t deny that when I first came across this I thought it would be one of those gimmick products you don’t really need; little did I know it would soon become a staple product in my morning routine. Its ingredients include the likes of olive oil and shea butter which help to keep your skin smooth and hydrated and it’s peppermint scent not only leaves your face smelling great, but also gives you that perfect morning wake up call, leaving you feeling refreshed. My beard is looking more tame and a lot less ‘wirey’ so there’s no way I’m going to stop using the Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo anytime soon! A 100ml sample is available for £15 from  Frank’s Beard Elixir

Frank’s Beard Elixir

Admittedly, I had no idea what the word elixir meant until I began using this beard oil. I’m now convinced that this beard oil is the perfect representation of that word. Elixir meaning ‘a magical potion’ says it all. Made with the very best natural oils it’s citrus scented oils works wonders on your skin and beard alike. Leaving my beard conditioned and cleansed, I noticed thicker hair growth which is due to the essential oils and vitamins. When combing my beard after applying the oil I noticed my beard had a nice shiny finish to it, which also gave the appearance of a fuller beard. A 10ml sample is available for £8.50 from

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