Men’s summer hair trends

When the summer comes round we crave for new changes, lighter clothes, more manageable routines and new grooming products. So why leave hair out of the equation? Not only is the summer a fantastic time to switch up the hairstyle but also an opportunity to incorporate something new and different from what we’ve been used to in the winter. There are a few classic styles that come round time and time again, some even with an added twist as seen on models at fashion events and magazine spreads for the new SS16 clothing ranges. This guide walks you through only some of the options for the summer, be sure to switch up and try new things to see what looks and feels best for you.

The Under Cut

undercut1 This is a classic that never seems to go out of fashion but is still very popular amongst men and can be useful as a change up from the long locks of winter. Put simply it is cut very short on the sides, paired with longer length on top. The undercut can be faded in for a subtler and groomed look, or can be disconnected, whereas the lower half of the head and sides is disconnected from the top. The disconnected look is a lot easier to manage, with minimal amount of product only needed for the top, depending on the length of the hair. If you are less confident with rocking the disconnected look, opt for the layered undercut which provides more of a fuller and textured image, defining your bone structure. In general, ask your barber or stylist to start very short from the sides, gradually going up in length to give that blended look. The layers provide more fullness as well as an illusion of more volume. undercut4 Keep most of the growth from the winter up top to allow the undercut to be styled in many different ways. Keep it swept back, clean and polished or volumised, textured and bolder. The undercut can be simple and edgy at the same time, depending on your mood. Put in some matte finished pomade or clay for a strong hold and natural look, or opt for a mousse and wet-look pomade to give you the 50’s vibe.

The Side Parting

sidepart2 Another age old versatile style that is associated with those who are well groomed and sartorial, just like our Entouraaj readers. This cut appeases both the office goer and the party goer, working well with both formal outfits and even the laid back casual hoodies and jeans. This style is easy to maintain once the side parting of your hair has been found, the best way to do this would be to ask your barber the next time your in. Have the hair below the parting and around the sides tapered down to about an inch or less, with the top keeping at a consistent four to five inches or so. Keep in mind, the more length you choose to keep on top the more it will require regular maintaining. If you have thick hair, ask your barber to remove some weight with thinning shears so the hair can flow around easier. sidepart3 If you’re feeling edgy or more adventurous, ask your barber to subtly shave the parting in. The shaved parting will look better with longer length both on top and along the sides, just so it is easier for you to find when styling. To achieve the look, run a comb through your wet hair to find the parting and then blow dry towards the hair growth, to set the segments apart. As always, finish with some product if you wish, although we recommend a medium shine product for a sleeker look.

Textured Cut

texture1 The newest addition to the spring/summer 2016 styles. This one has been quiet popular, and we know why. Its extremely easy to manage (something you definitely would favour during the summer), it sports a more casual and laid back theme as well as being suitable for most face shapes. Again this cut suits those with short to mid length hair and the more thicker the hair is the better the texture comes through and gives a bolder look when styled. Try keeping an even length of hair all around, with some importance to your fringe and front area and of course keeping it clean and tidied around the neck line and ears. Of course as always with hair styles, don’t forget to take into consideration the importance of your face shape when picking a style, so you should know if having the hair longer on the sides or shorter would suit you better. If you are unsure, take a look at some pictures online, consult your barber (we should all have a barber we can trust and who knows what they are doing) and they will provide you with the most suited advice. Usually texture can be added at different levels, from subtler to heavily textured. This look opts for the latter, and requires texturizing scissors or the point cutting technique from your barber. texture3 The best way to style this type of hair is to emphasis the messy texture. This is best achieved by applying very little product paste into your damp hair and then blow drying to set it into place. Once dry, use a flat iron to define sections of your hair and for the texture to come through. Finish off with more product for a stronger hold and some texture powder to add that extra volume.

The Quiff (Textured)

quiff2 Now the quiff is a trendy style we have all seen time again, tried and even dismissed as ‘done’ over the past year or so. But by adding some texture this look stands out from the classic slick back and comb-overs to be a refreshing add to the summer 2016 style look. This style is best achieved by keeping the hair short and tighter on the sides (a nice fade from a 1, going up to about a 3 on the sides), with the top around three to five inches long, gradually getting longer from back to front. The emphasis on this style is the fringe, the front should be considerably longer so it can be worn up as a quiff, of course with added texture. Now to style a gravity defying quiff, your fingers are the best tool. Apply some heat (not without heat protectant of course) and blow dry the hair in the direction you want it. Opposite to hair growth gives more volume. Then blow dry the front, whilst shaping the quiff into place. If you require some volume, add a small amount of mousse or texture spray into your hair before blow drying. quiff4 And there you have, four of the top hair styles that we are sure will remain popular and as staple trend setters throughout the summer of this year. Light, easy to manage and style and all effectively different in their own respect. Armed with the right tools and hair products, coupled with a trusted stylist or barber any of these hairstyles can be easily achieved. Although the mentioned styles are from some of the more popular, that’s not to say that you can’t adapt styles to make them your own. Its good to remember that everyone’s hair is different and reacts differently to heat, styling and products. For example, not all products will work for you, so trial and error is key but it’s also beneficial to try new things and switch up different products. Be sure to take inspiration from what you see around the web, on catwalks and even on blogs like ours. Don’t be afraid to take in any pictures you see with you when you go for your regular trim and see what works for you this summer.

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