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References to “power” within hair stem back many thousands of years, from Shiva’s hair controlling the forces of the River Ganges to Samson’s seven locks delivering to him superhuman strength. It should be no surprise then, that to this day that hair plays such an important factor as part of a man’s appearance and as a symbol of his virility. As we know, hair loss for many men is a major cause of anxiety than perhaps anything else in their lives. The onset of a bald patch or a receding hairline for that matter has a dramatic effect on one’s confidence and self-image. So if you find yourself in the fortunate position where you still have a decent head of hair come wedding day, we give you our recommendations so that your wedding photo memories remain timeless. Men’s hairstyles for one do not vary as often as they do with women’s. They tend to evolve slowly from yesterday’s popular hairstyles to today’s current trend. For example, 2011 was all about short hair and 2012 remains faithful to this with only slight variations; the emphasis being on the way that hair is styled as opposed to the way it is cut. We know your hair plays a massive role in terms how good you look, so avoid the temptation to go for a “it’s my big day” mentality with a new cut and instead opt for the classic cut. It is for this reason entirely that we believe that the short back and sides could be the best hair cut to go for on your big day. "Classic" is the perfect word to describe the short back and sides. The Oxford dictionary defines it as "judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind", and who are we to argue? Going with a more traditional cut will always pay off when you look back at your wedding albums in years to come. Some of you may already be old enough to look back at photos of yourself from school and your early adult years and cringe at the barnet choices you made. It’s a massive source of amusement even now watching your parents wedding video for some of the hideous style choices they opted for, and although we can’t guarantee that your kids won’t be doing the same in years to come, take our advice and we will be sure to damage control this for you. Practical advice If you think matching a hairstyle to your face-shape is a little bit unnecessary, we agree. If you’ve got a simple haircut to begin with which forms a good template, you can experiment and make it your own. Leave it to the professionals behind the scissors to taper and prune to work their magic. The best thing about the short back and sides is that it’s so versatile. That’s because it is a cut and not a style. Despite being classic, this doesn't in any way limit your style choices. See below for some inspiration on styles you can work into your short back and sides.

The Undercut

The Peaked Clean Cut

The Peaked Side Crop

The Layered Top Crop

The Navy Crop

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