Cornwall Honeymoon – Coast

Mini Honeymoon

Hi Entouraaj, I haven’t had time to look into options for my honeymoon in August. I'm wondering whether to opt for a package holiday straight after the wedding and do a ‘real’ honeymoon on our first year anniversary next year. What do you think? -Ritz, Southend Hi Ritz, Yes, definitely. Planning a honeymoon, especially if you wish to do it right for the lady in your life, can take considerable time and thought. Rushing it this year could mean that you simply spend more money without truly making it special and tailored for her comfort. Secondly, you will know her better in a year’s time, so you will possibly be able to cater even better for her as well being able to celebrate your first anniversary in style. This is not uncommon for couples nowadays, as budgets and time constraints limit their ability to plan for honeymoons. There are some great deals to be had out there and at the end of the day all you need is sun, sea and tranquillity to shake off the wedding exhaustion.

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