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Mr Omer Farooq

Here in the UK we sit in somewhat of a fashion bubble – we see what we like and buy it, feeling sometimes spoilt for choice by the wide selection. In actual fact we know little about the fantastic fashion that the rest of the world has in offer and with that in mind, this week we profile Mr Omer Farooq, the Creative Director of Pakistani based brand Republic which is one of the countries leading menswear brands.

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Image 2 The man behind Republic and Bespoke, Omer Farooq is a man that lives and breaths fashion. Passionate about making us all look and feel our best, he spent over two years researching design elements specifically for the urban male, so that he could go on to create innovative cuts and styles that would become his signature.

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In a small time frame the label has grown to be successful and lucrative, with two stores in Islamabad and one in Lahore.

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It was the lack of great menswear that inspired Omer to start creating his own pieces: “There was a huge void for high end quality men’s wear in the country. I would always travel abroad and wonder why we couldn’t get the same quality here.”
It is the suits that are the brands biggest strength
He also found there to be a lack of variety so approached the best Italian mills and exported material himself, starting on the journey to offer the best from the world at controlled prices.

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Image 6 With the Republic label doing so well, Bespoke was launched to cater for the client with a more discerning eye – customers could create their own suits and control each detail from patterns to buttons. Together, both brands balance between interesting cuts for the modern man and corporate client.

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Prakesh Parmar

His experience as a tailor is second to none. He learnt all he knows from one of Dubai’s most famous tailors, Prakesh Parmar where he worked on worked on making suits by hand. It is the suits that are the brands biggest strength, with over 18 months of practice before suits went on sale.

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International Woolmark Prize

His hard work and skill as a designer was recently noted with a nomination as one of the regional designers for the acclaimed International Woolmark Prize: India and Middle East, who describe him as a designer that is “never shy to take risks and experiment with trends.”
Stitches are perfect, the fit is spot on and there is something for you, whatever your taste or style

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Republic - Pakistani based brand

Omer is determined to provide a luxury product at a great price, pushing himself to create pieces that are different and stand out whilst also pushing a menswear message. Stitches are perfect, the fit is spot on and there is something for you, whatever your taste or style.

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The client list to date is impressive – vice presidents, regional managers, corporate heads and a host of others have all been seen wearing Omer’s designs.

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Image 15 The one thing that is clear is that all of the hard work has been worth it. I love the work that clearly goes into each piece – whether that be a beautiful jacket or a bespoke suit.

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The campaign imagery and catwalk looks are testament to Omer’s attempts to create a label that is modern and contemporary, true to its heritage but can also stand apart in the international menswear scene.

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Find out more about the brand on the Republic by Omer Farooq website or their Facebook page.

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