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Navin Kundra: “I’m a suit and tie kinda guy”

As part of our Diwali style special, we caught up with the singer/songwriter, Navin Kundra to get his essential style tips and menswear picks for a busy party season ahead. GS: How do you normally spend Diwali? NK: I normally spend it with family - it’s like a mini Christmas for us! We exchange presents, have great food and pray together - I love that part the most. Diwali for me symbolises the love and light between me, my family and God. GS:I’m guessing your social calendar is manic then at like this time of year? NK: Absolutely!  There’s loads happening – friends’ parties, Diwali functions and Christmas parties – I’m sure it’s like that for everyone though at this time of year, right? On the work side I have around 25 shows in November and December not to forget two huge New Year’s Eve bashes in London! But hey I’m an energetic guy - I like it busy and wouldn’t want it any other way.
Navin Kundra at The Asian Awards 2015

Navin Kundra at The Asian Awards 2015

GS: I presume you're wardrobe is in order then for party season? NK: To be honest, I’m pretty impulsive and spontaneous when it comes to getting dressed. I kinda wake up and go with how I feel on the day 'cos that way you don’t need to over think outfits. I tend to keep it smart as I’m more of a "suit and tie" kinda guy. This Diwali, I’m performing and headlining the Leicester Diwali Festival where thousands are expected, so I’ll go for something a bit more colourful and vibrant. Afterwards I’ll be going out to a private party so will probably rock a roll neck, jacquard blazer, smart jeans, suede footwear, and a pocket square to finish off the look. Right now I’m into deep rich hues like plum, petrol green and cobalt blue. I tend to save the monochrome for black tie events. GS: Not one for the hoodies then? NK: [laughs] Maybe in the gym! My casual look tends to be linen trousers and a cashmere jumper or sometimes I’ll just throw on a hat, t-shirt and jeans, particularly when I’m in the studio. Now that it’s getting colder I’m enjoying the roll necks - they work in a smart or casual setting which is a bonus as often in my line of work, I never know where I’m going to end up. For example, a few weeks back I was in the studio finishing up my new single, then by the evening in a surprise turn of events, I ended up in a private members club in Central London partying with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (previously Cheryl Cole) and there was no time to change. So selecting diverse pieces like roll necks or shirts that can easily be spruced up with a well cut blazer are always a good choice – luck favours the prepared! GS: Don't you feel under pressure to dress in a specific way as an artist? NK: Nope. I’m not a trend limited artist, either with my music or the way I dress. Trends come and go, as do the people who follow them, but if you keep it real and classic then I believe there is much more longevity to be had. Don’t get me wrong, some trends are great and I definitely buy into them, but then you have to move with the trends too. Be you, wear what you feel comfortable in and own it - you can’t go wrong.
Navin Kundra at the Asian Achievers Awards 2014

Navin Kundra at the Asian Achievers Awards 2014

GS: What’s your secret to looking fresh despite such a gruelling schedule? NK: You think I look fresh? Haha… thanks! I guess I’m pretty disciplined. I look after my body, work out, eat healthy, drink lots of water and try to get enough hours of sleep, although that one is a little difficult at times! Vitamins and supplements also help 'cos we all lead pretty busy lives these days and our bodies need more nutrients than we tend to pack into our diets. As far as alcohol and smoking goes, well my voice is my livelihood and alcohol dries out your throat so I’m not a big drinker. If I do have a social drink, I’ll just have one or two... but that’s okay cos I’m a lightweight [laughs]! I only smoke shisha occasionally when I’m winding down. GS: Drinking and shisha - is that your secret? NK: [laughs] Naaa… I’m really low maintenance actually. I don’t even moisturise! But I do like to give myself enough time to get ready. GS: Describe your style in 3 words. NK: Classic. Tailored. Expensive. GS: Is there anyone in particular who you like to emulate in terms of style? NK: Not really emulate, but admire David Gandy – I think he has a super sense of style! Bruno Mars as an artist also has a really cool and definitive fashion sense. He does casual with the whole Hawaiian look really well but equally he has a slick red carpet look too. GS: And what’s next on the horizon for Navin Kundra? NK: I’ve just released my brand new album called “The Collection". It’s a Limited Edition album which features 18 of my biggest songs – that’s 9 years of music, love, heartbreak and passion! I feel that music is consumed is so quickly nowadays it’s disposable and isn’t valued. That seems really unfair as music is art and art always has a value. I wanted to release something that couldn’t be downloaded or copied from anywhere, which is why I hand sign each album and personalise it with your name. I think once it has your name on it, it becomes priceless and is a piece of history too which is yours to keep. You can only get it online from my website at and it’s also available in digital format on my business card so definitely check that out! Next year I will be building a tour around “The Collection” which I can’t wait for!  I’ll also be dropping a hindi mix cover of “Fifty Shades” shortly as well as my new single, “Tear It Up” and a collaboration with Rishi Rich later next year!

Navin's party season essentials

1. Grey Diamond Jaquard Scarf Available from Burton for £9.80


2. Black Leather Gloves Available from Burton for £14.00


3. Burgundy Geo Pocket Square Available from Burton for £6.00


4. Rose Gold Tie Bar Available from Burton for £8.00


5. Black Essential Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket Available from Burton for £59.00


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