The new Jaguar F type

Car aficionados rejoice. Jaguar has just revealed a 4-cylinder version of the F-type sports car, joining the V6 and convertible versions. Available at £49,900 from spring 2017 (not bad) the new vehicle comes in closed roof and soft-top forms, with a 1997cc turbocharged engine. Fans of Jaguar will know that the new model is the cheapest yet as the cheapest V6 is £51,540. The new F-type also accelerated from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 155mph. The engine is the star of the show. The Ingenium engine contributes to an overall vehicle weight reduction of 52kg based over the front axle and makes the 4-cyclinder model super agile. The people at Jaguar tell us that the new F-type also has improved body control, ride comfort and improved steering response although we would recommend that you take it for a test drive when it comes out before you drop 50K. 636180200914636175IJ The new model F-type will also be (relatively) cheap to run. Fuel consumption of the 4 cylinder is reduced by 16% when compared to the V6 and environmentalist will also rejoice to know that it releases fewer CO2 emissions that a whole host of similar leveled vehicles. Heading into the swish new car you will find a state of the art information/ entertainment system, lighter seats, as well as beautiful chrome and aluminum trim finishers.

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