Pickiest Women From London

Pickiest Women In UK From London

By Bea Mahmood @BEA91XX  Looking for a date? A girlfriend? A wife? All of the above? Well don't bother looking in major cities like London and Birmingham. All you'll find is disappointment and potentially some of the fussiest girls you'll ever meet. According to recent data released by AYI.com, men have a much higher chance of getting dates in places like Liverpool and Manchester over major cities in the UK. The online dating website determined that large cities such as London and Birmingham are home to some of the pickiest women in the UK, where men are unlikely to get past 'hello' let alone get a date. So what is it about Londoners and Brummy girls? What makes girls up North so much more accepting than girls further South? Does something change in the air when you get past the Midlands? Are they just nicer up there? Additionally, research also showed that the pickiest Asian women reside in London and Leicester. Whereas the least picky Asian women were in Manchester and Birmingham. This seemed to be the case when we spoke to Manchester based Syrah, who told us that what she looks for in a guy is relatively simple: 'I just want to be with someone who has a stable income and who'll get along with my family. Tall, dark and handsome wouldn't hurt either I guess!' Fair enough Syrah, that sounds quite reasonable. But when we asked London-based Hannah, her response was quite different: 'I'd quite like to be someone who's older than me, have a masters degree and a solid income. I want him to take care of himself and visit the gym regularly but not be too vain. He has to be charming to my mother, respectful but not threatening to my dad and fun enough to get on with my sister. He has to be gallant and gentlemanly while having an adequate amount of banter. I want him to be funny, intelligent and tall with a good dress sense.' Phew. Comparatively, the Londoner - Hannah - had a far more detailed opinion of what her potential partner should be like. It's obvious that Hannah has thought about this. Clearly Hannah has spent her time in expensive, stylish bars to have met a wide variety of people. She has been approached by a large range of men and now knows how to expertly and efficiently sift them into three categories - the potentials, the semi-potentials and the seriously? All this from just a hello. How though? How does the screening process for the London and Birmingham girls become so difficult to pass? 'I can usually tell if a guy is right for me within minutes of meeting him.' continues Hannah. 'It's simple - you can tell by his language - verbal and body. You can tell by the way he sits, dresses, speaks, his actions. One guy lit a cigarette in front of me, that was the end of his chance!' There are roughly 3, 966 pubs and bars in London. That means that there are 3, 966 places for a woman to meet a man. Competition is clearly stiff and if you don't find the right guy in one place, it's - in the wisdom words of Jay Z - on to the next one. Therefore, it seems Big City girls are victims of their own surroundings. They become the authors of their own fastidious fantasies as their expectations become increasingly higher. Spoilt for choice in the liveliest cites in the UK, fussiness breeds like bacteria in a dustbin on a hot summer's day. It seems that city girls often have more criteria when looking for a partner because in a big city where fashion and style are focal to living, a man on your arm becomes just another accessory. With the introduction of television shows like Made In Chelsea, excessively indulgent lifestyles are craved even more. So many girls now fancy themselves as Louise Thompsons and Millie Mackintosh-es. And of course to go with this chic, designer lifestyle, what better accessory is there than a chic, designer boyfriend? The fast-paced London life is for the Fashionistas, not the faint-hearted. So want to get a girl like Rosie Fortescue? Make sure you've honed the smart-casual, expensive look. You've got to make sure you've struck the right balance between confident and complimentary. Be cute and charming but sexy and daring. It's the only way to bag a Big City girl. And if you match her Miu Miu clutch, then there's hope for you yet - you'll definitely get snapped up, faster than you can ask what exactly a Miu Miu clutch is. And for the rest of you for whom this sounds like a tad too much bother, then I'm sorry, your princess is in another castle. Or another city in fact. Try looking up North.

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