Pocket squares from Rampley & Co

The accessories that a man chooses to pair with his suit have the power to make or break his outfit. A well chosen pocket square can be the eye catching centre piece of your suit if worn correctly.
Since the turn of the Millennium pocket squares have started to enjoy a renaissance in popularity and becoming an essential part of the outfit of high profile celebrities and fashionistas alike. As the working environment has become more easy going, ties have been lost and casual fitting suits have become the norm. For the man that wants to stand out from the crowd the pocket square provides an added touch of elegance and style.
Pocket squares can make a subtle addition to a jacket that can completely transform the overall look of an outfit. It can instantly smarten a casual look, while every fold and colour combination means an alternative way to present a single jacket or suit. Rampley and co bring this accessory alive by using new materials such as Harris Tweed and by sourcing the best available fabrics.
Rampley & Co create elegant pocket squares through unique designs and high quality materials to showcase British luxury to a global audience. Their main principles are to create unique fashion accessories through innovative design, exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship.
They are known for working with some of the most prestigious and well known institutions, museums, galleries and artists to provide customers with truly unique designs. They provide pieces of art in your pocket while continuing to innovate and find new ways of presenting this timeless classic as well as paying a premium to ensure you have the best quality product available.
Rampley and Co have a very interesting range of designs to choose from in their collection. From Birds of America to Fine art and some very unique historic pieces. The Historic Handkerchiefs Collection aims to recreate beautiful handkerchief and pocket square designs from the past.
The designers of Rampley and Co have worked with some internationally renowned institutions such as the Museum of London to get access to some of these originals and, after photographing and then cleaning the images up, have reproduced their designs for the modern day. The designs on these squares are still as vibrant and fascinating as the day they were created.
There is also the ultra classy Harris fabric. Hand woven in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland and has become indicative of high end British fashion. It can only be produced under the strict conditions outlined by the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament in 1993 and brings something truly different to an outfit when used for a pocket square.
Rampley and Co also offer a excellent bespoke service. Creating truly unique pieces and after requests from various clients they are now able to create a pocket square with a design of your own instruction. They act as a consultation service in helping clients create a pocket square that is a completely one off piece and special to that individual. From bespoke design to embroidery and monogramming they can assist through the whole process.
To view the entire collection visit www.rampleyandco.com

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