Reiss 1971 collection

Reiss is one of the best menswear retailers in the UK today. Season after season they have shelves and rails full of highly desirable, incredibly wearable and fashion forward menswear that means that could spend hours trying it all on. Essentially, their collections offer a full wardrobe for the season and this autumn is no different. 3c0dbc5b2a38c48fc96b2167a0be4 While the mainline collection is all about smart suits, slick shoes and incredible quality, the younger 1971 collection focuses on creating a more rugged, athletic and all round more youthful man. Of course, the pieces share all of the same brilliant qualities that we have come to expect from Reiss, but might be better suited to the outdoors than the boardroom. The sense that the collection has a younger man in mind is heightened by the brand’s choice of model. 374627cf1b08d2c4ac439989c7f18 The new collection is modelled by Diego Barrueco. In the last 12 years, the Spanish model has exploded onto the scene. Thanks to Instagram (where he has an impressive 654,000 followers) he has developed a background in art, music and fashion and was signed to a modelling agency. Said agency got him front row at all of last season’s fashion shows are the rest is history. Reiss know a good thing when they see one and he is the perfect poster boy the 1971 collection. 23a028a0a86d4e8e10fdb903f4f26 As we mentioned above, the clothes themselves deviate a little from the mainline. The 1971 collection has experimental fabrics, details, patterns and shapes. The core character of the collection is inherently menswear though. The range is full of great shirts like the flannel checked shirt which looks great with a pair of worn leather boots, a standout suede Harrington jacket and knitwear that can easily be layered to keep warm in the winter. It is all autumn friendly with functional, warm style at the forefront of the designers minds. Diego describes his style as “comfy, young and simple” and the Reiss 1971 collection shares all of these qualities in spades. The collection shows us that you can wear simple things, designed well and that they do not have to cost an absolute fortune. Find out more at Reiss. What do you think of the new 1971 collection? Tweet Taj. For more menswear check out the following:

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