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There’s no worse feeling than leaving the hairdressers expecting to be transformed in your celebrity idol that will make any lady fall weak at the knees - but instead ending up being extremely disappointed with your new look. The way your hair is cut and styled plays a vital role in appearance as it can transform the whole structure of your face. So I’ve compiled a guide on how to achieve the right haircut and hairstyle to compliment your face shape to help combat any hair salon mishaps.

Men's Haircuts For Oval Faces

Mens Oval Face Shape Men's Oval Face Shape Haircut They say that an oval face is the perfect face shape for a woman, which isn’t what any man with an oval face wants to hear - despite this an oval face suits a whole range of hairstyles due to the well balanced facial proportions. I would recommend steering clear of a fringe as it can make the face look a lot more rounder. Celebrities with oval faces include the likes of Zac Efron and Jude Law who tend to go for a mid-length hair cut, shorter on the sides (number 2-3) with more length on top that tends to be swept back.

Men's Haircuts For Square Faces

Mens Square Face Shape Men's Square Face Shape Haircut The face shape sported by the likes of David Beckham and Andy Lau. A square face can appear quite masculine and the strong jaw of a square face shape can help give a chiselled and more angular appearance so in theory a haircut that is softer around the edges would help compliment the hairline and also the prominent jaw line. Despite this I would recommend going for a shorter for clean cut hair cut - steering clear from a centre parting or fringe so you can enhance that David Gandy jaw line.

Like the oval face shape you want to go short on the sides and around the back and very clean around the edges, with more length on the top to allow you to style it a bit higher.

Men's Haircuts For Oblong Faces

 Mens Oblong Face Shape Mens Oblong Face Shape. Haircut

The Eminem of face shapes. You definitely want to refrain from having too much length on the top as this can make the face appear longer than it already is. Instead I would go for something with more length on the sides to help make the face appear wider and then go short on top. As long as you don’t go too short on the sides (I’d recommend number 2.5). A centre parting is a great style to make the face appear more square.

Men's Haircuts For Round Faces

Mens Round Face Shape Mens Round Face Shape Haircut A round face shape tends to lack any prominent features or sharp angles so you have the choice to enhance certain aspects of the face to which you desire. A messy bed head hair style which has more length on top than on the sides, worn by Elijah Wood, can help create more balance to the face. Also a modern pompadour (either blended in from a number 1 or disconnected from a number 2 on the sides) can help lengthen the face.

Men's Haircuts For Diamond Shaped Faces

Mens Diamond Face Shape Mens Diamond Face Shape Haircut Men with a diamond face shape tend to have wide and prominent  cheekbones with a more narrow chin and forehead.

To compliment this face shape I would recommend keeping a fringe whether it be swept backwards or to the side. Along with this you want some length on top to give volume whilst avoiding going too sharp around the edges as this can make your ears stick out.

Men's Haircuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Mens Heart Face Shape  Mens Heart Face Shape Haircut A heart shaped face means you’re going to want to avoid a short hairstyle as this is just going to accentuate the already wide upper portion of the face. I would definitely suggest keeping a longer hairstyle and steer clear from a disconnected cut. Growing a short beard or keeping stubble can help create a more evenly proportioned appearance between the upper and lower parts of the face.

Men's Haircuts For Triangular Faces

Mens Triangular Face Shape Mens Triangular Face Shape Haircut This is the opposite of a heart shaped face, so a wide jaw line with a narrow forehead. Quite possibly the hardest face shape to style. I would suggest a long length on top to help balance out the narrow top by adding volume. I would also suggest going for a number 1 on the sides making sure it is well blended. Styling the top with a slicked back style on top (with a length of around 2 inches) with layers cut in. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling both have triangular faces so they are great examples to follow.

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