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Wedding season has arrived. With a number of bank holiday weekends at this time, it is easy to see why couples choose the spring months to get married. A wedding can be a fantastic occasion for all involved. For the couple, it should be the happiest day of their lives. The way that you dress (Grooms, I am speaking directly to you) has a big impact on how you feel, how comfortable you are, and how much you enjoy that special day. With an increasing pressure of wanting to put on the best wedding possible, the ways in which you can stand out from all of your other recent Groom friends is becoming ever smaller.  The only real way to do so is to go bespoke.
The Sherwani Company is the place to go if you want something extraordinary for your special day.
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Asian Menswear & Asian Groom

The Sherwani Company specialise in creating Asian menswear for the groom and male members of the family. Each creation is tailor made, hand stitched and embroidered. Black-Sherwani


Established in 2008, The Sherwani Company is the place to go if you want something extraordinary for your special day. Something special can be anything – a classic, elegant sherwani, a more elaborate design or something in between. The designers and specialist tailors will work with you (and your Bride who is bound to have strong opinions on how you should look) to create the perfect outfit, whether made to measure from the collection or bespoke. Asian-Groom-and-Bride

Wedding Sherwani

It is in the creation of bespoke pieces that The Sherwani Company excels. You can pick and choose every element of your look. Your wedding day is the one time that you can look as extravagant as you want and you do not want to regret your choice of outfit. The Sherwani Company can offer all of the choices, extravagance and glamour involved in finding the right look for you, catered for a groom.
...the creations incorporate exquisite embroidery using luxury fabrics...
Of course, they can also cater for the whole of your party, including the best man, ushers, fathers or guests. It goes without saying that you can also create a piece, complementing your brides outfit. The Sherwani Company will make the whole experience, from initial consultation to special day, an enjoyable and stress free one. Sherwani-Company

Men's Indian Clothing

Of course, the collection takes its inspiration from the rich and colourful culture of India. All of the creations incorporate exquisite embroidery using luxury fabrics on a simple canvas. The result is a classic and contemporary design, of the highest quality. is clear to see a determination to create special and life lasting clothes...

Men's Sherwani

Customisation is key to the brand so they are more than willing to experiment with new cuts, fabrics, colours and designs. With an incredible passion for creating menswear, The Sherwani Company believes that there is a sherwani out there for everyone, and that the imagination is the only limit. Looking at these images, it is clear to see a determination to create special and life lasting clothes for men that will stand them apart from anyone else. Mens-in-Sherwanis To find out more about The Sherwani Company visit their showroom in Wembley or visit

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