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Sikh Weddings Abroad

Dear Entouraaj, My fiancé and I are considering getting married abroad but we want a traditional Sikh wedding and weren’t sure if this would be achievable. Is it possible to have the full religious ceremony on location, outside of a Gurudwara, and how can this be organised? Any advice or suggestions you have would be appreciated. -Sandeep, London Hi Sandeep, Previously, with Sikh weddings in the UK at least, you could get married anywhere as long as appropriate arrangements were made to accommodate for the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh holy scripture). However, it appears as though approximately five years ago, this all changed. Word from India got out that this practise should not be allowed and that all weddings should take place in the Gurudwara. Many Gurudwaras within the UK and indeed the rest of Europe have adopted a similar view. But we should not assume that all Gurudwaras around the world also share this opinion. Initially, I would suggest that you contact the local Gurudwara(s) to where you are planning the wedding and see what their response is. If the feedback is not positive, there are a selection of granthis (Sikh priests) here in the UK who are willing to conduct the marriage ceremony on location, and are experienced at performing Sikh weddings abroad. You will be responsible for flying them to the location and providing them with accommodation (in addition to the cost of their services). In return, they will be responsible for providing everything you need in order to complete the ceremony. Last I checked, this service was available at a cost of approximately £500. Let me know if you need further information. Entouraaj

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  1. Kiran

    I am having a wedding in Oahu, Hawaii and am finding it very difficult finding a Sikh Priest to conduct our wedding ceremony.

    We are now looking into flying a Sikh Priest there in order to conduct the ceremony.

    Can anyone help?

  2. entouraaj

    Hi Kiran. Firstly, congratulations on the news of your wedding, it sounds incredible.

    To answer your question, we assume that you are from the UK and that you are prepared to fly a ‘granthi’ (Sikh Priest) out to Hawaii from here.

    We will send you details of a ‘granthi’ that we would recommend and have used ourselves, but please note that you will usually be responsible for the flight and accommodation for him and two of his colleagues.

    Please let us know if there is anything else that you need.

    Good Luck.

  3. Pawandeep

    Hi there

    I’m getting married on the 1st June in Devon, in a large country house. I am Sikh and would like a traditional ceremony if possible to accompany the registry ceremony – but I too am having difficulty finding a granthi from my local gurudwara. And there isn’t one very local unfortunately. I’ve tried everything – including Sikh schools and university Sikh societies!

    I was wondering if you might be able to help and provide the details of the granthi you used and mention above. I would be so grateful – as would my mother!

    Thank you,

  4. entouraaj

    Hi Pawan,

    Yes, this seems to be quite a common problem for our Sikh contingent.

    Congratulations with the news of your wedding; we will send you the details as requested by email. Good luck getting everything organised and feel free to get back in touch if you have any further questions.

    Both mum and yourself can show your appreciation by spreading word of our publication to all those in need. Don’t forget to look us up on Facebook and Twitter!

    All the best.

  5. Pawandeep

    Hi there

    Thank you for the details of the Gyani

    He was wondering if you could contact him regarding my predicament. He is quite busy I think and wants to hear from yourselves first – presumably to prioritise.

    Do you mind doing that for me? I’m desperate! My wedding is on the 1st of June – we have the separate marquee, lengha etc, – but no one to do it! Please help

    Thank you,
    A dispairing Pawan

  6. entouraaj

    Hi Pawan,

    I have spoken with the gyani and he has asked that you contact him with the wedding dates/locations/times.

    I hope this helps resolve the matter for you.

    Let us know how you get on.

  7. amrit

    Hi Entouraaj,

    I am having a wedding on Big Island, Hawaii and I have tried to contact the local Gurudwara there and they refuse to do an outdoor wedding at the hotel. Are you able to assist me with flying one out to Hawaii?



  8. entouraaj

    Hi Amrit,

    This is definitely a common occurrence. Less and less gurudwaras are likely to accommodate weddings outside of the temple. As mentioned in our earlier responses, we can send you the details of a gyani (priest) who may be able to help with your request.

    Do let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


  9. gumi

    Dear Entouraaj
    My Fiance and I are having our sikh wedding at home and civil wedding in Greece.
    Do you know of any law stating that the Civil wedding should take place before or on the same day of the Sikh wedding?
    We can not find this law on any sikh website or UK government website that says we need to do this and the gurdwara advised that we are required to do the civil wedding first.
    Please help

  10. Freedom

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