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Singh Gentry – Schooling us on Sikh fashion

As pioneers of all things to do with Asian men in fashion, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing and trying our best to monitor fashion movements to bring you, our avid readers, a glimpse of how fashion is moving. We recently came across a new project by the name of Singh Gentry that we just had to tell you about. Image 1 Founded by Mr. Gurjeet Singh Sohanpal earlier this year, Singh Gentry is a website that brings together all of the best looks from Sikhs all around the world. Fusing together the world of sartorial fashion with his cultural heritage, Gurjeet’s aim is to inspire people to have the confidence to wear what they want and to be as expressive as possible through their fashion choices. What makes this project different from many others is the cultural focus – at Singh Gentry the essence of the project is to create a platform where people can learn about Sikh men’s fashion and to bring awareness on a global scale. With brands such as GAP and Burberry both looking to the East for fashion inspiration, it seems like Singh Gentry are on to a good thing. Image 4 So what is Sikh fashion? Those that think that it has to involve a turban would be wrong – you will see many images on Singh Gentry of dapper looking Sikhs without a turban. Perhaps more important is the way that they wear clothes – the layering, the choice of brands and the slick way in which clothes have been styled. With London as a backdrop, the guys at Singh Gentry have managed to create a series of very cool, visually strong images that tell a great story. We can’t wait to see what these guys do next. Find out more on the Singh Gentry website.

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