Male Skin Care

Skin care for Asian men

It's not only women who need to invest in treatments to keep their skin looking good. Apparently, men have approximately 20% oilier skin; regular maintenance of it is a must for guys who spend a lot of time travelling (frequent flyers), play outdoor sports, or those who exercise on a regular basis in the gym. Others may simply suffer from in-growing hair (razor bumps). Asian skin is prone to blemishes and needs proper care. Skin Therapist, Nataliya Robinson outlines the effects each of these things can have on Asian men’s skin. Here is her expert advice on how you can ensure you are looking after your skin. Exercise Sebum oil and sweat are released at a very rapid rate while exercising. The sweat and oil then cover your skin and can accumulate in your pores, becoming trapped and creating inflammation which can lead to a breakout of acne. Try to cleanse your skin twice a day to draw out impurities from pores. Frequent flying The air in the cabin of a plane is very dry with only about 20% humidity. This low humidity makes the skin dry and dehydrated and dry fine lines are more visible. Drink plenty of water whilst in the air and if you are partial to very dry skin on planes add a little moisturiser on your finger tips and dab onto the dry areas. Sun exposure Skin pigmentation/dark spots appear on Asian skin with age, this is why whitening is more of a concern to us than wrinkles. Exposure to UVA rays can cause premature photo-ageing if you’re not adequately protected with high SPF creams and hats. Ensure to buy moisturisers that offer SPF protection to reduce ageing, wrinkles and sun damage. Neck rash following shaving In-growing hairs can be painful and very bothersome. They result when shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle or grows back into the skin causing a bump. This can cause swelling and inflammation. Exfoliate your face two to three times a week. This will help reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs from shaving, as well as removing dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy looking skin underneath. Sensitive skin Thicker hair-growth and having to shave more frequently can mean some men have facial skin that suffers from sensitivity and dryness. The application of Aloe Vera gel will help to calm the area and reduce irritation and will hydrate your skin. ________________________________________________________________________ Nataliya advises that a proper facial once a month is the best to keep the skin clean, hydrated and toned. Our skin will also benefit from Microdermabrasion or treatment with Salicylic acid to improve the razor bumps. Her recommended treatment for male skin is The Wet Oxygen. This treatment decreases erythematic redness, improves scars, lightens sun damage skin and hydrates dried out skin, which is more common amongst men. It provides a germicidal action to the skin, reducing post shaving irritation.  Cost: £130 Time: 60min

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