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Sports Therapy At Anamaya, London

Best for athletes and those with very active lifestyles
Did you know that Anamaya is the Sanskrit word for 'health'? Me neither. So when I was asked to receive and review a treatment at Anamaya's prestigious location in Kensington, I was determined to see how aptly named the well being centre actually was. I received an hour long sports massage from Shaun Gilmore, who has over 15 years experience as a sports massage therapist and has worked with both the Irish rugby and football teams - I was in 'good hands' so to speak. The treatment itself was an intense experience - fluctuating between some pain (though not discomfort) followed by relief which left me feeling light, limber and stress relieved. It was without a doubt a thorough and expert full body massage. But what I appreciated about the whole process was Shaun's explanation of the techniques he implored whilst sharing his honest assessment of the physical condition on each of my body parts. He was even able to detect a football injury that I had forgotten about and sustained some years back to my left thigh (or vastus lateralis) because he could feel the scar tissue beneath the skin. I was however, most impressed by the pre-consultation process. Often, I have been asked about pre-existing medical conditions and health concerns prior to treatments, but Shaun was also interested in any previous injuries I had sustained and queried me on which aspects of my body had been causing me greatest concern. Not from a visual, but a physical perspective. I have never been subject to such a process before; it installed my confidence in Shaun's ability to resolve any physical qualms I had and simultaneously impressed me with his extensive knowledge in the field of sports therapy. What I took from the whole experience was the way that we, as consumers, view sports massages. The word 'massage' tends to imply a one-off consultation usually as a reward or celebration for some special occasion. It should however, be seen as a measure to prevent against sports injuries and chronic conditions caused through exercise, and therefore treatment we should regularly seek to undergo. If the aim of the massage was to aid my body's healing process, to restore mobility, balance and harmony; it's fair to say that it get's a big tick from me. A 60 minute treatment by Shaun is £80.00. He is available on Wednesdays between 12.00 - 15.30 pm. About Anamaya Anamaya offers therapies to both men and women and have a fairly equal spread of male and female clients across the modalities. Men do tend to prefer the deeper more technical massages offered by therapists Shaun and Graham, but a lot of men also come to psychotherapy and counselling sessions. Acupuncture is also popular with male clients, as is pilates, physiotherapy and meditation. Co-founder and therapist, Graham Doke explains: 'In creating Anamaya, we took great care in selecting the materials - we chose the highest quality of everything, and ensured that all of the components blended together to produce a beautiful, calm, healing environment. The clients' health, comfort and peace of mind are paramount. And so it is with the practitioners we select, that every treatment given at Anamaya is of the highest quality, aimed at health, comfort and peace of mind.'
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