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Four Stags And A Wedding

Hi Entouraaj, I’m getting married in August 2013 but I seem to have more issues organising the stag than the wedding itself. I have four different social groups – uni mates, local friends, family and work colleagues. I don’t really want to mix them for various reasons, so I am now participating in four stag dos. Is that a good idea? -Ricky, Oxford Hi Ricky, what a dilemma to be in! Well, this is quite a common occurrence nowadays. Long gone are the days of the one-night-only UK stags, a day before the wedding. Nowadays stags can last up to a week, are usually overseas and can take place more than once, just like in your case. Firstly, we seriously suggest having only the one stag, or certainly less than four! Every weekend before your wedding is going to require your involvement for wedding related tasks and you can’t really afford to lose that many weekends. Secondly, unless your best man/stag organiser is attending all of these with you, it will probably take up a lot more of your time than you realise to be involved in organising each of the stags. Thirdly, recovery time. You will need as much time to recover from these traditional ‘destroy the groom’ type events as you will need to participate in each of them. On another note, we presume that your entouraaj will be kind enough to finance your involvement at each of these separate events, but if not, your fiancé will rightly hate you for forking out so much on the lads weekends and not enough for business class flights for the honeymoon after the wedding. If you do end up completing the four stag marathon however, send us some pics and if you make us laugh, we will award you a suitable prize!

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