Summer Denim From Wrangler

We've all owned a pair of jeans in our life, that's true for almost everyone. We've all loved that favourite pair of jeans that last a lifetime that are super comfortable and still look great. There are a few things that separate a well put together denim garment and a poorly made one. Wrangler have this all worked out, and they have had for quite some time now. With a solid reputation as one of the leading denim brands worldwide it's their years of experience manufacturing great clothes and innovation that keeps them relevant today.
The brand launched in 1947 on a platform of innovation: to create the best-possible jeans for cowboys. Today, Wrangler continues to create the best-possible jeans, but for the needs of modern consumers. Looking good, working hard: the guiding principle in every Wranglerdesign is to make you feel fully prepared for whatever life throws at you. You could call Wrangler the everyday performance denim brand.
Since the beginning stages of their denim creations they say the inspiration and guide has been real life experience. They believe that clothing should be designed to fit the needs of the people wearing it.
Perhaps best known for their classically styled durable denim jackets and jeans, Wranglercome back with great new products each season which is why they maintain a loyal following of life long fans all over the world.
This summer collection is no exception to that rule, the ripped jeans look is the modern day rebel uniform and the jet black biker jeans are always a great choose and a strong look for the current festival season. The jackets are incredibly durable but also quite light to wear so perfect for the late summer evenings when the suns gone down.
Signature designs of their classic shirts and jackets are beloved by denim connoisseurs and fashion fanatics alike. Broken Twill, the soft-durable fabric that Wrangler invented in 1964, remains the backbone of many denim pieces.
Blending fashion and function, the collection is built on modern fits that you can live in, given some added edge with innovative finishes. Wrangler takes the evolution of jeans forward with groundbreaking initiatives: denim that keeps the rain off or helps you feel warm in the cold.
Wrangler could be called a founding father of jeanswear and the originator of performance denim. Their denim heritage lives on in stylish, functional jeans packed with iconic, original details including flat copper rivets and the ergonomic watch pocket.
The new shorts collection is perfect for these summer months, classic jean short look is always a solid easy option to rock with a fresh white shirt or T shirt.
The new tropical print denim board shorts give a great beach summery vibe to your look, ideal for those weekends away at the coast.
Shorts have 5 pockets so are super practical for long days out when you have a lot to carry with you, these shorts are a great part of an easy going summer outfit with a pair of flip flops. The new Wrangler Arazona stretch chinos are great for a smart casual look on warm evenings around the city or going out for dinner. Made from stretch cotton so they give a comfortable, breathable feel when wearing them out and about.
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