Summer Rain – Winter Sun

The case study

The office, business, travel man goes through the most painful journey of the bipolar British weather. Especially when you are dressed exceptionally smart and dapper, whether it’s a summer suit for the “ever-blazing” sun or a well layered three-piece suit for a chilly winter. When summer arrives the most problematic puzzle to solve is “Do I take this umbrella? Do I take my coat? Hmm.” We have all been through this. You take the coat, safe option, but you are stuck with carrying your coat alongside your briefcase, your phone, your sun glasses, your wallet, your coffee (iced of course) and the daily tabloid or a croissant. The last thing you want to be faffing around with is a blooming coat in a heatwave! But the puzzle doesn’t stop there. It is now raining, and when you checked the forecast it read “22 degrees Sun” but in fact it lied, and you left without your coat. Now you are stuck in the rain with your briefcase (over your head), rain drenched coffee, phone, wallet… you get the picture. Now on the other hand, when it is winter you are dressed in a three-piece suit, now a suit doesn’t keep you completely insulated unless you are wearing tweed. But let’s say you’re not. You take along your coat, it comes to midday and you have an important business meeting, it is on the other side of town and you are in a rush. To add to the issues, the sun decided to join in and make your life hell. Now you’re stuck with carrying this coat, rushing with your coffee and briefcase and as you run through the tube station you jump on the tube and the coat gets stuck. It is has happened to everyone and you question life. Now to solve this issue this article will give you a simple guide that will save you time, appearance and a coffee or a croissant.

The office Man’s Weather Guide

  • Always assume the worst – another point will add to this
Why? Well if you assume it’s going to be sunny, there is a 93% chance it will rain, so take the safer option.

Francesco Maglia umbrella at Mr Porter

  • Double, no triple check the weather.
Don’t assume that checking the night before it won’t change, IT WILL. Always check when you are rehearsing through your outfit, always have waterproofs or coats or umbrellas sorted, and the weather app updated at all occasions.
  • Don't overdress
I don’t mean don’t look too smart, if there is such thing, but do not layer so much, keep it minimal so at least you don’t melt and ruin that suit!

Sunspel cotton polo shirt

  • Hydrate (and visit the bathroom often)
Yes, water will solve most heat issues, BUT so will visiting the toilet. You don’t lose heat through water, it happens when you visit the lavatory too! Oh and to also check if the sweat patches aren’t resurfacing.
  • Always take deodrant
Most people don’t see the point, but seriously you may not smell your BO, but your new boss will, or his boss, so don’t embarrass yourself! Win them over with your new cologne! 10098169
  • And, adding to number 1, last but not least – take a pack-away trench/mac coat:
Of course it’s an obvious must have, but it is hard to find one that is waterproof and lightweight, oh and something that is very smart. We worked with Aquascutum and they released their incredibly popular line of waterproof Macs that are super stylish as well as light, waterproof and it is PACK-AWAY. You get a mini carry bag that you just fold the coat (which is incredibly easy) and take away. The size of the pack-away bag isn’t any bigger than a thermo coffee mug! 011652170wine_alt1 And that is all for this Article! I hope the guide can aid you all to solving your outfit weather issues! For more menswear read the following:

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