Sun protection for Asian skin

Sun protection for Asian skin: Our favourite creams to avoid sunburn

One of the most misdirected myths in the skincare industry is that sun protection for Asian skin is not required to the same extent as that of a fairer skinned individual. This is absolutely untrue. Although, people with fair skin, blue eyes and red or blonde hair are at the greatest risk of sunburn and other sun damage related issues, this by no means alleviates the risk that the sun holds for darker skin and darker haired men. The biggest concern for Asian skin is pigmentation caused by sun exposure with little sun protection factor (SPF) and ultraviolet B ray (UVB) protection. Wondering why your skin is appearing patchy, dull with spots of pigmentation? It is directly related to this lack of protection from the sun.

Your next biggest worry is the greasy grey tinged skin and an Asian fave, the shiny forehead. Not every sun protectant causes this. Those trustee dermatologists at our favourite brands have found a way to use a milkier substance which is much lighter and leaves no trace of use of sun factor, after careful application.

Efficiency is the way forward. Ideally, purchase products with a high SPF factor and UVA protection. I won’t go into the specifics of what UV radiation is, but basically the more UV you are exposed to, the faster the signs of premature skin-ageing appears. You might not be able to avoid the inevitable, but with the right skin care protection, you can definitely slow it down. Below are four of the best products which incorporate multi-grooming capabilities i.e. moisturiser and sun factor.

1. Kiehl’s Daily Light Moisturiser

Kiehl's Daily Light Moisturiser and Skin Protectant

Kiehl’s Daily Light Moisturiser and Skin Protectant

The single best product which operates in all the above has to be Kiehl’s Daily Light Moisturiser and Skin Protectant. It is SPF 50, UVA and is ultra light – it feels like a silkier version of your moisturiser. Rather than greying the skin, it brightens the skin and has moisturising and skin protectant properties that contain serious UV defense power. It isn’t technically classed by Kiehl’s as a “Men’s product”, however use of all skincare products should completely depend on skin type and requirements and not gender. Buy it. 60ml available from Selfridges for £31.00.

Perricone MD photo plasma

Perricone MD photo plasma SPF 30

Perricone MD photo plasma SPF 30

Use of the Perricone MD photo plasma SPF 30 should be incorporated into your daily skincare routine, whether it’s raining or a heatwave, it will protect you from the environment and pollution. Remember, unless the moon is out, sunlight is still able to damage your skin. 59ml available from Amazon for £51.62.

Twinluxe anti ageing SPF moisturiser

Twinluxe anti ageing SPF moisturiser

Twinluxe anti ageing SPF moisturiser

Twinluxe anti ageing SPF moisturiser SPF 40 offers superior protection against the sun as part of the daily grooming routine. The one thing that all these products have in common is that they at least contain minimum SPF 30. Anything less is pretty much useless albeit better than nothing. The higher the SPF, the higher the protection from UVB radiation. 50ml available from Amazon for £81.04.

Lab series BB tinted moisturiser

Lab series BB tinted moisturiser

Lab series BB tinted moisturiser

Lab series BB tinted moisturiser broad spectrum SPF 35 offers a great alternative to moisturise, protect and enhance your tan. It’s super-efficient and comes highly recommended. 50ml available from Amazon for £22.09.

On a final note, it is true that as Asians we lack Vitamin D, but not wearing protectant to increase our levels of Vitamin D is one of the most ineffective of doing so. Sun exposure has a massive impact on the body’s immune system and it systematically makes it weaker. So I’m not saying hide away from the sun, but to simply respect it.

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