Sundeep Singh Maan: Best Dressed Reader 2014

Earlier this year, we asked our readers to vote for their best dressed Entouraaj reader from a list 10 finalists, all of whom had previously appeared in our weekly best dressed features. Having already assembled in our opinion, 10 of the most stylish Asian men from around the UK, competition was genuinely high and the campaign generated huge interest nationwide. Of course, there could only be one winner and 27-year-old Sundeep Singh Maan from Birmingham, eventually took the title of Entouraaj Best Dressed Reader 2014 and deservedly so. I caught up with the model, director and trainee child psychotherapist during a photoshoot with the luxury men's accessories brand, Antoni Manuel at the Savile Penthouse Suite of The Chelsea Harbour Hotel. The competition was tough. Were you surprised that you won? Initially, I was surprised that I was even nominated! To have then been chosen as the winner amongst some extremely well dressed men still feels quite surreal. It was essentially down to public opinion and I am thankful to all those who felt my style was worthy of their vote - I just hope I can maintain the expectation that comes with the title. It came down to just 6 votes between you and the runner up Qudeer Arshad. What do you like most about his style? Qudeer in my opinion is atypical, which is essentially what I like about him. I think his style emulates his persona - he wears the clothes, they don’t wear him and he embodies the word dandy, which I really love. final final9 Describe your style in 3 words. Quirky, versatile, eclectic. How would your girlfriend describe your sense of style? I’d like to know the answer to this too please Gary! Maybe if we find her through your female readers we can ask her? Just make sure she is also well dressed please! Describe your outfit selection for today’s shoot with Antoni Manuel. The first look is a classic three piece suit teamed with a pair of loafers and some of my favourite accessories such as the bow tie and pocket watch. The trousers are slightly cropped which gives scope to highlight the smaller details such as the mustard socks -  to inject some colour into the look. The second outfit is slightly less formal, teaming up a denim shirt with one of my favourite structured blazers. I particularly like the weave of the blazer, which is a mix of linen and wool and takes it inspiration from ethnic designs. The whole look is finished off with a pair of monk straps and a scarf. The final outfit is my version of casual. A pair of tailored joggers with an oversized tee and a jacket with my favourite fedora hat. final13 final8 What would I find in excess in your wardrobe? Bowties and pocket squares! I am a firm believer that accessories can finish off a look. A nicely tailored suit and the bow tie has been a personal favourite since I was a little boy, probably courtesy of my Mum who used to dress me up in waistcoats and dickie bows for weddings! I think that has stayed with me and a lot of my wardrobe is taken up with suits and various waistcoats. What’s next on your wishlist? A nice duffle bag. I think for years women have given so much detail to having the right handbag to compliment their outfit but now since the manbag is in vogue and we are moving away from men only ever carrying a rucksack or a briefcase, it’s important you have a nice bag to carry your essentials around in. I’m also secretly hoping that Antoni Manuel will be reading this and will gift me one of their amazing leather bags that we shot with today! final15 final3 If I bumped into you clothes shopping which stores would I most likely see you in? I am a huge fan of Whistles, they have recently launched their new menswear range and they do casual really well. I have loved their tailored sweatpants and bomber jackets this season. For suiting, Reiss is a favourite but if I want something bespoke I am a big fan of Clements and Church - they can amalgamate the perfect blend of classic and quirky. For Indianwear, I have recently discovered an amazing designer Soltee. Their cuts are a fusion between east and west and are more understated than the typical sherwanis you may find elsewhere. All that aside, you could easily find me in vintage stores picking up a classic bowler hat or a reclaimed jacket, it doesn’t have to be branded to look good. What might I catch you doing and wearing on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Lazy Sunday afternoons are a rare luxury these days but on the odd occasion one does occur, I am usually devouring as much cinema or literature as I can or in the kitchen, fancying myself as the next Jamie Oliver trying to recreate some wacky recipe I have come across. My loungewear consists of tailored joggers and a denim shirt or if I am out catching up with friends, chinos, a roll neck and a comfy pair of driver shoes. final4 final6 Fashion aside what else are you passionate about? One of my biggest passions is storytelling and that can be through a variety of mediums; cinema, books, poetry or art. I spend a lot of my time pursuing each of these or creating my own versions and my work is inspired greatly by my own heritage, something that those close to me would certainly say I am passionate about. I’m proud of my roots and as a Punjabi guy, I take a keen interest in Punjabi literature and preserving a lot of the good traditions from my motherland. That aside, I really enjoy experimenting with different cuisines, be it tasting or trying to cook them at home and then using friends and family as guinea pigs- which depending on the result, is not always good news for them! What are your future projects? This year a play I have been writing and developing for the last five years will be making it’s debut in Leicester in July, titled ‘A Storm in a Chai Cup.’ It tells the story of a Punjabi family in 80’s Birmingham and explores a lot of universal themes such as domestic violence, dementia and alcholism and I’m looking forward to seeing the audience reaction. That aside, I have also written and directed my first short film ‘Nanjo’ which will be releasing in May. final10 final2 Finally, how would you like to build upon the success of winning Entouraaj’s Best Dressed Reader 2014? I’m looking forward to using the title as a way to connect with individuals that like me, take a keen interest in fashion and the way they look and in that process be inspired by them.  I hope to also inspire others to express themselves through the way they dress. I’m grateful to Entouraaj for providing me with this platform and I have been following your work for quite some time now so I am looking forward to becoming part of a movement which is working towards promoting us Asian men as guys who can dress well and look good in the British fashion scene. It’s about time we were recognised as men who wear their clothes well because there are so many of us out there!

For more information and tickets to Sundeep's play please visit and you also can reach out to Sundeep directly via email

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