Seven Things That We Love (For Under £100)

All men love a good bargain. Luckily for us, sales are everywhere at the moment and so its easy enough to pick a good one up. We are consistently coming across things that we love, constantly surprised by the price of them and wanted to share these with you, our respected readers. With that in mind, here are seven of the coolest things that we have seen this week and why we think you should be getting your hands on them.

Lou Dalton shorts – £65


One of the best shows that we saw at LC:M and a brand that always produces superb casual tailoring, we love how smart yet street these shorts look.

Mr Burberry scent – £65


Aside from the great scent, we are literally obsessed with the fact that we can get our monogram on this fragrance bottle. So many good Instagram posts to be had from this fragrance.

Topman bomber jacket – £75


Anyone who is anyone has got one of these silk bomber jackets on right now. Popularised by Zayn Malik (two seasons ago, naturally) its a great throw over a T-shirt kind of jacket that is effortlessly cool. which is of course, the best kind of cool.

Burton suit – £99


There is nothing better than a great suit, apart from maybe a great suit at a really great bargain. To find some, head to Burton where you can find this beauty amongst many others. The tuxedo is an absolute wardrobe must – wear now to a summer evening bash and again to your work Christmas party.

Zimmerli boxer briefs at Mr Porter – £75


Impress her on date night. Worth the money for style and comfort in equal measure.

Alice Made This cufflinks – £95


We have been massive fans of this brand for some time and would be well chuffed if someone took the gusto to gift them to us. However at this rather reasonable price, you may as well just treat yourself.

Adidas sneakers at Asos – £65


The retro sneaker is having a real fashion moment right now. We think that these trainers perfectly encapsulate the trend, at a  great price.

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