The gift from the inlaws

The Gift From The Inlaws

Hi Entouraaj, my parents-in-law want to get me a watch as a wedding/engagement gift. What should I ask for? - Sunil, Derby Hi Sunil, lucky you. So, I guess what you want to know is, what can you ask for without taking advantage of the situation? Firstly, I would consider if there any types of watches that you genuinely like. If you don’t, this may be a pointless exercise anyway and you’re better off asking for something else. Secondly, you may have to tactfully get an idea of how much they have to spend – this could be difficult but ask them what watches they have seen that they like for you – it could work. You should now, have a budget to play with and if you find something, tell them. If not, go with what they have to give you. You may not have a watch you like but you will have a happy set of parents-in-law, earning you much needed brownie points, that may be cashed in after marriage.

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