Thomas Pink launches AW collection

Winter is all about heavy, functional but performance fabrics and looking and keeping warm. It's our favourite fashion season by far - we can layer up to our heart's content, experiment with deep colours and invest in a great coat. The new collection from Thomas Pink allows us to do all of this, whilst staying sartorial sharp at all times. 39-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig 03-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig The new campaign is called The Englishman at Home. The range is inspired by a dapper English gentleman that lives the sort of life that we all dream about - fantastic suits, fantastic cars, superb outerwear and nifty underwear to wear underneath it all. Ready made for the man at home, at work and at play, as we would expect for an autumn collection it is rich in its colour tones with deep brown, rich red and a smart navy taking centre stage. 09-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig 15-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig Thomas Pink has developed a reputation as the finest shirt makers in the UK, (where else would you find a crisp white shirt, with double cuffs, a tailored fit and a super reasonable price) and this collection features the classic white shirt as a focal piece. This season, the brand has employed woven wool tailoring techniques to ensure that their shirts are the best in the business. 18-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig Knitwear is a product category that many menswear brands excel in the autumn and Thomas Pink are no different. We especially love the at home style knitwear which are incredibly well tailored and are as soft as they look. 35-tp-m-aw16-a5_orig Shop the collection now at Thomas Pink. What do you think of the new collection? Tweet Taj Read more menswear summer writing below:

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