Top 5 Festival Picks of the Season

Summer is around the corner and that means festival season is among us. We all know summer can be a difficult season to choose an outfit for, let alone festivals, but in recent weeks the introduction to new styles and lines that are going to give us that extra option in our summer festival wardrobe! So here are a top 5 festival favourite essentials:

5. Revere Collar Shirt


All Saints Juneau short sleeve shirt - £80

Revere collared shirts are a classic! Giving off this ‘Hawaiian/Cuban’ look, they are definitely a summer vibe garment. The prints on these shirts combined with an opened up collar just add that extra festival feel to them. The introduction to this style has taken the weather by storm and its increasing popularity only means it is a must buy for a festival!

4. Denim Shorts


TopMan Denim Shorts - £35

Denim shorts have been a durable classic. Something that has been seen many times but still doesn’t get old. It adds a summery vibe to your outfit, but also it reminds people that you are a festival crazy person! TopMan’s range of denim shorts vary from colours, styles and fit, but to be comfortable I recommend going for a slim fit, especially with all the dance moves you will be pulling off.

3. Bandana


TopMan Black Paisley Rose Bandana - £5.00

Bandanas are an addition to a festival life. Simple to wear but you want a variation. TopMan have a new collection of bandanas with a variation of colours and styles which can fit in to your festival outfit! As long as it matches of course.

2. Boots


Dr. Martens 1460 Classic Boot - £105

Dr. Martens have been the BOOTS for anyone who is hip. But remember they are durable, strong and perfect for all terrain festivals! They give you this retro hipster look form 90’s, but with a modern twist at a festival, you’re going to look cool but keeping fresh and dry!

1. Waterproof Jackets


Muji Freecut Raincoat - £9.95

Now we know what the British weather withholds, especially when we expect an LA summer but we get the amazon rainforest version. So to be sure one of the MOST ESSENTIAL garment to take with you is a waterproof jacket. Fairly simple, this Muji Freecut Raincoat is cheap, flexible to work with and easy to carry. It comes in a mini carry and fold bag which makes life at a festival so much easier and when its pouring out, it’s an easy essential to put on and stay dry! Remember to tag @entouraaj on Instagram with your festival essentials and show us what you’ll be wearing to festivals this year, use the hashtag #FestivalsWithEntouraaj

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