Top 5 Men’s Hair Styling Products

Finding the perfect hair styling product can become a long, tedious and even expensive process, so I went out and put some products to the test to see which lived up to the hype and claims made.

VO5 extreme style matt clay

VO5 extreme style matt clay

A staple product for most men, it has great hold and even greater holding power. It gives great texture to the hair and dramatic definition. A tiny amount goes a long way with this clay, and is perfect for a messy, bed head look. It’s widely available in drugstores and supermarkets at a very affordable price. What’s not to love? Holding Power: 4/5 Smell Rating: 3/5 Price: £3.89 Available from

Sassoon texture refine


Quite possibly the most amazing hair product out there! Don’t be shocked if you find yourself sniffing the pot for minutes on end before application. It has quite a creamy texture however does require quite some time to fully work the product in to your hair. Its medium hold makes it more suited for short to medium hair lengths and it also works great to achieve a side-parting hairstyle. It was used on Justin Timberlake for his recent GQ magazine feature if that’s anything to go by. Holding Power: 4/5 Smell Rating: 5/5 Price: £13.10 Available from

Lush dirty hair styling cream


Although named a cream, I would say it has more of a mousse texture. The tiniest amount of product has gigantic effects! A very versatile product as it has the holding power to cater to a variety of hairstyles, whether you want to get it up or lie it down (your hair that is), this is the perfect product for you. It’s made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients; including fair trade coconut oil. It’s sandalwood and pine fragrances means it smells nice and manly too! Holding Power: 4/5 Smell Rating: 4/5 Price: £6.95 Available from

American Crew superglue


American Crew is a brand loved by the 'God of hair', David Beckham and this product shows exactly why. It’s gloopy, viscous consistency means it needs to be applied to damp hair and worked with quickly. Less is certainly more with this. It gives a nice shine finish and even better lasting power. If you want a product that will leave your hair unbudgeable on a windy, British day, then this is the perfect product for you. Most suited to those wearing a side-parting, modern pompadour or those who just want an overall sleek look. Holding Power: 5/5 Smell Rating: 4/5 Price: £10.95 Available from

Fish texturizing cream


Despite the name, this brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to great smelling products. A combination of a gel, wax and styling cream makes it a killer combination. It has a firm hold and doesn’t dry hard meaning you can re-work your hair on the go. This can be quite annoying on breezy days as you can go from David Beckham to David Luiz in a matter of three ghusty winds. Perfect for just about any hair style whether you want slick, smooth or a messy ‘just got out of bed’ look. To avoid flatness Fish recommend to not apply the product to the roots of your hair. Holding Power: 3/5 Smell Rating: 5/5 Price: £5.99 Available from

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