Top five hairstyles for men in 2017

Stuck in a rut with your hair and heard? Well you know what they say – new year, new you. Its time for a change and what better way to make that change, than with a bold, new, on trend hairstyle. A new hairstyle is a wonderfully cheap and easy way to kick start your confidence and a great way to start the new year. Here’s our breakdown of the key trends for 2017 and how to get them:

The Side-Parted Pompadour

1 This is a very classic men’s style and that any barber will be familiar with. Its super versatile too and can make you look more professional in the office whilst also upping your suaveness on a night out. You will need to ask your barber for a tapered cut with plenty of length on top to create this look. When at home, you can style it with a matt paste to wet hair to pre-style. Then blow dry and mould the side parting before applying pomade, which should be combed through to get the length.

Scissor-Cut Contour

2 Fades and tapered cuts are seriously all the rage at the moment so a top standard scissor cut with texture will help you stand out from the crowd. You will need your barber to use scissors, not clippers to create a textured look that is loner on top and short on the back and sides. To create the style yourself, apply sea salt to wet hair, blow dry and then scrunch matt paste in. The look should last all day long.

Tapered Crop

3 This style is easy to maintain daily and has enough personality and texture to leave you feeling cool and different. Simply ask the man with the scissors to chop and texture on top and then evenly distribute clay throughout.

Disconnected slick-back with burst fade

4 It sounds serious doesn’t it, but it really isn’t. It’s a modern version of the classic slick-back and is an incredibly professional look. You can get the look with a grade 2 on the back and sides that fades away to the nape. Make sure that he leaves plenty of length on top which you style by slicking back.

Caesar Crop

5 Now for something very different. The Caesar crop is a classic, modeled by a number of high profile celebs in the past. The surgical line brings the look bang up to date. just ask your barber for a drop-fade on the back and sides, with a scissor cut top and fringe. What do you think of 2017s top hair styles? Tweet Taj. For more grooming advice see below: How to transform your skin – the do’s First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch Skin saviours for men

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