Top Five Tech Accessories You Need Right Now

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a shiny new tech toy in their hands? Rhetorical question. Everyone loves it. There’s nothing like that little buzz when you’ve got your hands on that latest accessory that’ll make charging your phone less of a pain, or a camera to turn your slickest smartphone into an old-school Polaroid. Read on for the scoop on the hottest tech accessories you need in your life right now. From the practical and functional, to the all-out awesome (hello, Oculus Rift!) – get your shopping list ready.
  1. iRobot Roomba 880

irobot_roomba_880_8 Why bother doing the vacuuming – when you can get a robot on the job for you? Making all of our Jetson’s Family dreams come true, the newest incarnation of the Roomba is fast and snazzy, zipping around your rooms to make it sparkling clean and free of dust again. Maybe not the sexiest piece of tech – but a perfect way to make your life a little easier. And cleaner.
  1. Solos Eyewear

kopin-solos-smart-glasses-for-cyclists-image Think sunglasses are just there to make you look cooler – or (gasp!) protect your eyes from the sun? Think again. Solos cycling glasses are designed to change the way you ride, by displaying all your vital stats on the inside of your lenses. Even if you’re not planning to train for the Tour de France, who wouldn’t want a piece of tech that feels like it just fell out of 007’s back pocket?
  1. Star Wars BB-8 Droid

sphero-wars Yes, you can have your very own little BB-8 droid! And control it at ease from your smartphone. While it might just be a movie tie-in toy designed to cash in at Christmas, it’s undeniably fun. As well as rolling around into every possible thing, it’s also got a few tricks up its non-existent sleeves – from spinning in circles and going on Patrol, to its super-cool Message mode, where you can record video and have them played back like a hologram. Sweet.
  1. Impossible Instant Lab

impossibleinstant Remember way back when you’d get a sweet little thrill from taking clumsy Polaroid snaps? They were the perfect way to capture the moment – before smartphones came along. While we might have a few thousand random images floating around on our devices, there’s still something to be said for the feeling of having a tangible photo in our hands, stuck on the fridge, in a frame, or taped up on your bedroom mirror. Impossible Instant Lab is set to bring that back – by producing actual instant photos using your phone. While there’s none of that classic Polaroid shaking needed here, you’ll still get a lovely retro looking print.
  1. Oculus Rift

oculusrift Yes. Step into the Rift. On the off-chance you’ve been living in a cave until late and haven’t heard about Oculus Rift – let us fill you in. It’s only one of the most exciting developments in VR technology in recent years – and now coming into the mainstream. Totally NBD, right? No understatement but – this will change the way you experience reality. From taking gaming to stratospheric new levels to opening you up to universes full of new digital worlds, you may just need help to prise that headset off you. Be warned – it’s not cheap. But as more controllers and devices partnered with it arrive later this year, if you’re passionate about gaming, this is an investment to think about. What’s on your wish-list? Saving your pennies to get your hands on the Rift? Or are you more excited about having your very own vacuum-cleaning robot pet?

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