Touchscreen gloves for winter

If you haven’t heard of Mujjo, they are a brand that is renowned in Europe for highly acclaimed design, which has won praise for its appearance and quality of appearance. Their gloves have become super popular and this year they have unveiled their best pair yet with a new and improved shape, leather strap with magnetic snap buttons and anti-slip dots that maximize grip. single-layered-touschreen-gloves-001 The gloves feature a stunning design that takes touchscreen gloves to the next level. The leather strap crosses to a snap closure and cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and palms, which feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. A soft layer of integrated fleece and lining also adds a soft touch, which adds to the touch and feel of the sturdy and durable gloves. single-layered-touschreen-gloves-002 The silicon grip dot patterns have been added to the palms of the gloves to aid in gripping and also to provide what you need to make sure that your precious phone does not go slipping out of your hands on a moist or snowy winter’s day. The gloves easily take on the shape of your hands and offer a sleek and comfortable fit, which makes typing super easy. single-layered-touschreen-gloves-003 The gloves have been developed in response to clients that resided in colder climates and that needed gloves that were extra insulated, and these do just that as they are crafted from wool and act as an insulator, with lining that doubles up to provide extra insulation. Shop the gloves at Mujjo. Will you be investing in these gloves this winter? Tweet Taj. For more menswear check out the following:

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