How to transform your skin – the do’s

We would hope that by now, you have developed into the sort of man that takes care of his skin, hair and clothes and that this has become second nature for you. If you are not (shame on you) but you are doing yourself a disservice. There is literally no point wearing dapper threads and not keeping your skin in top notch condition at the same time. Your skin care routine can be simple, effective with the results of shining up your previously dull and tired skin. Here’s our short guide on what you need to start doing asap:

Shave less

beardedgent Do not be the guy that shaves everyday. Constant shaving has the effect of causing redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. These are just some of the symptoms and the solutions are so, so simple. Always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth which will mean that hairs are not pulled out of follicles in the wrong direction. The proper way to shave is to create tension in the skin by pulling it shaving over a tight and taut surface. To aid your lovely trimmed facial hair, invest in beard oil which will help the razor to glide over your skin. We would recommend the relatively cheap (only £4.99) nicely scented bergamot and orange beard oil from The Bearded Gent. Shop at The Bearded Gent.

Invest in a great eye cream

clq_7ELF01_402x464 Tired eyes and dark circles are a common problem for men with dark skin, and for many British Asian gents. The darker skin means that late nights and hangovers show up much more than on the skin of our lighter skinned pals. A good eye cream should sooth tired skin, reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. You need to invest in a cream that increase circulation of blood to the eyes but that decreases inflammation. Our recommendation is the brilliant Clinique for Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, which is a handy roller, which can be kept discreetly in your pocket. Shop at Clinique.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

71cpbNyGoEL._SY450_ A weekly face scrub is a wonderful way to clear up the dead skin that we all accumulate every day. This dead skin build up comes from travel, exercise, what we eat and drink and where we work. A good exfoliator will help you produce more skin cells, which in turn helps to avoid a greasy and rather horrid complexion. We think that the best course of action is to once a week, take advantage of a hot shower and allow the exfoliator to open up your pores. Once its been worked into your skin, splash the skin with cold water to close the pores before patting that wonderful looking skin dry. The Kyoki for Men face sctub from Amazon is only £9.44 and is one of the best that we have tried. Shop at Amazon. Tweet Taj and let us know what you think of our advice. For more grooming advice see the below:

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