Turnbull & Asser x Mo Coppoletta

If you are a lover of pocket squares, but sometimes feel that they can be over stuffy and serious, as opposed to a fun accessory we have news for you – a new collection that does not take itself too seriously. unspecified The prestigious menswear brand Turnbull & Asser has collaborated with Mo Coppoletta on a limited edition new collection. For those that have not heard of Mo, he is a world famous London based tattoo artist, practiced in the art of not taking himself too seriously. unspecified2 unspecified3 The collection is made up of one picket square and one mega square design. Both the tattoorist, and Turnbull & Asser were determined to create a capsule collection with a sense of fun. Inspired by English heritage, in particular the industrial landscape of the country, the pieces are romantic stories that also look pretty damn good in your pocket. The Furious Eagle piece features hand drawn artwork and wartime adverts including bank notes, posters and symbolic symbols. In contrast, the Esmarch square has a more light-hearted design illustrating the different ways that a bandage can be worn. They are also an apt celebration of the British manufacturing scene. unspecified4 unspecified5 Available from £85 at Turnbull & Asser. Will you be buying one of these special squares? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear check out the following:

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