How to wear linen in summer

There is always room to try out new garments and summer is possibly the experimental stage for new things. Linen has been a classic, but many of us might not know how to wear linen. Here is a simple guide introducing you to linen, how to rock linen and what is so great about it.

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What is it?! Linen is a thin, light and flexible material woven from flax. What’s special about linen is its compatibility during the heat. It isn’t some expensive material that is manufactured using rocket science to turn heat into a blow of air, it is simple and light. Its flexibility allows the wearer to enjoy the sun without worrying about the heat. How to rock linen? Untitled2 Linen trousers are a flexible garment, but usually come in a wide leg fit. The simplistic way of wearing linen trousers is having a cropped fit to them, so they sit level or above your ankles. This will give your fit a more casual summer aesthetic to it, as well as giving more attention to the outfit itself. All that is needed is a basic shirt or t-shirt and some nude colour loafers or white trainers and you are set for the summer!

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Linen shirts are as simple as trousers! Easy to wear, comfortable to wear and draw plenty of attention. Sticking to your general size for a shirt, linen shirts enable more space with the fitting of the shirt around the upper arm, back and chest – the places where you are more likely to get hot – which allows your body to breathe and be comfortable throughout your sunny adventure. You can wear linen shirts with some navy or grey trousers/chinos or even some shorts. However, linen on linen, is a bit brave! Unless you are in the middle of a heatwave, you can save the linen on linen for another day to impress your lady!

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Linen is the go to material for summer. It is something that doesn’t need to be discussed about. You just pop on the linen trouser with a shirt or linen shirt with some shorts and you go on your day. It is as simple as that. Nothing more needs to be said other than great things about linen garments. One good thing about linen is you do not look too casual or too formal. They give a smart vibe to the outfit and if you have any business meetings out in Dubai, remember linen is your best bet.

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