What to wear – the office Christmas party

Gents, its that time of the year again. You are being dragged to the office Christmas party. Lets be honest – no-one ever really wants to go to these events do they? They are socially awkward, with conversations that you don’t want to have, and people that you have avoided over the last 12 months (since the last Xmas party of course). Copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed and you will feel the after effects for days on end. Those are the cons. There are of course pros too – the biggest of these being that you can look your dapper best on the night. The code to getting the look right. If its black tie, make sure you keep to that dress code. If it isn’t, its probably best to keep to quite a safe “office-based” style. Here’s what we would be rocking this festive season.

The suit

prxc-1250-t66-s Start with a suit. You will have been wearing it in the office anyway so it means you don’t have to carry a suit carrier to work with you in the morning. Its also a safe bet to be what most other guys are wearing. We are loving the look of this Paul Smith one – its made from slate blue wool/ cashmere and cut in a slim and contemporary way. It looks soft and not too formal too.

The knit

756173_mrp_in_l Seeing as you have been in a shirt all day its nice to mix things up for the evening isn’t it? We think you should loose the shirt and change into a nice, elegant and very rakish roll neck. This Hardy Amies one is ace and the colour works really well against the dark blue of the suit.

The shoes

tm97u20mblk_zoom_f_1 Time to go glam- brogues and Oxfords might work well for the office, but not necessarily for the office party. We think that Chelsea boots are a good call. Again, it reinforces a sense of relaxed elegance, like you didn’t try too hard and you just happened to arrive looking damn good. Invest in a great suede pair like these at Topman and they will last you the whole winter. What do you think of our cool Xmas pary look? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear check out the following:

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