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Wedding menswear guide: What to wear to a spring wedding

Invites have been pouring in for the last couple of weeks, and by now nearly every weekend for the next three months is taken up with the wedding celebrations of friends, family and people that you have never met before and whose names you don’t even know. For the gent that struggles with dress codes and what to wear to spring weddings, we have produced this handy guide which breaks down the event and provides you with a handy guide to getting your style right on the day.

Traditional English weddings

Image 1 By “traditional” we mean those highly formal occasions that you might see in the movies or on Downtown Abbey. For guests attending highly formal nuptials, only morning suits will do. Traditionally this look consists of a black or grey single-breasted tailcoat (morning coat) with one button and peaked lapels. Trousers are usually grey or black with checks or stripes. The look can be made more season appropriate with changes to the waistcoat and tie for more seasonal shades. This rather lovely beige wool waistcoat from Favourbrook at Mr Porter is a great spring wedding favourite.

Casual weddings

Image 2 Increasingly, couples are opting to host their weddings as more casual affairs. It is always important to check the dress code, but if you happen to be invited to a more casual wedding, you could really experiment with your fashion. This look of a great pair of trousers with blazer and roll neck is a great, comfortable, casual but still very stylish look for a winter wedding. Keep the major components of the outfit (the trousers and the blazer) a plain colour and experiment with your jumpers and accessories. A blazer is still recommended, but dress it down. We would suggest this dapper blazer from Reiss.

Black tie weddings

Image 3 If the invite says, “black tie only” you will be lucky to get in if you aren’t wearing a tuxedo. Despite the bad press, this does not have to be boring with modern variations on the black tie including shawl collar jackets, satin lapels, midnight blue tuxedos and the rise of the white jacket. Black tie doesn’t need to be expensive either – just take a look at this outfit from Asos.

Traditional Asian weddings

Image 4 There is nothing quite as fun (or tiring) as a big fat Asian wedding. Days of events and copious amounts of food and drink might leave you feeling not too great, but you will still want to look your best. If in the wedding party, sit back and let someone else make all of the decisions for you. If you just want to show off your flair for Asian fashion (which we would always encourage), then head to Ziggi Studio for some of the coolest, most unique sherwani designs around.

Contemporary weddings

Image 5 For many of us, weddings are somewhere that we have to, as opposed to want to be. If you are such a man, you will be looking for a suit that you can wear again and again, and is not confined to being taken out of your wardrobe on special occasions only. Luckily, it is perfectly acceptable for male guests to dress in a way that is contemporary and elegant and getting this style right means looking smart but not overdressed. A navy suit is a great, season appropriate option. I would recommend a suit with a slight shine to it, which makes it perfect for a wedding. Pair with a crisp white shirt and a statement tie. An alternative option is a light grey suit, which is again, lovely for this season. Feel free to experiment with shirts – texture and contrast collars are both great options. This option from Dunhill would look just as good in the office as it would at a wedding reception.

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