The Weekend Bag Essentials

Most of us gentlemen are busy working and charging through the weekdays, anxiously awaiting the blissful two days of rest. Every now and again we love to get away for the weekend away from the usual habitat and this means facing the task of packing and parting from our much loved wardrobes. For a lot of us, packing for even a weekend away can be as stressful as it is for a full holiday, with limited space and so many ambitious plans always being the barrier. This guide goes through the very essentials you might need, being efficient and of course in true Entouraaj style, ensuring you look your utmost best even during your time away. First rule of packing, is only take what you need. Personally for me, I feel as if I always need everything. You really have to evaluate and weigh out your options with what you should and shouldn’t take. Versatility is key here, everything needs to work together so there’s no waste in packing. It’s also a good point to note that packing has a lot to do with your destination, as it would take longer to cover what you may need to pack for a winter or summer getaway, this post will cover generic items that can apply to all climates and locations, easily.

A casual blazer and Jacket


Leave for your break wearing a neutral coloured bomber, herringbone or denim jacket. Black or grey is the best option here as It can be worn over what you pack in your bag, later on. We understand, you may want to leave the suits and formal wear behind you for your break, but packing a smart-casual blazer can be handy for chilly nights out, parties or any occasion where you might need to impress. A casual navy blazer, made out of cotton or linen for the warmer months can be a great statement piece with a polo shirt, shorts and classic boat shoes.

Sneakers & Boat Shoes


Worry not, your weekend away wont require oxfords or brogues. Options here are relaxed, but not to be underestimated. As always, your choice of footwear can make or break the outfit. I recommend a clean pair of white sneakers, and a pair of black (suede is even better) loafers or boat shoes. Both are easy to pack and the versatility is brilliant, loafers can easily be paired with jeans, and the sneakers with trousers or chinos if you so choose. Not to mention, being comfortable which is what its all about. Please don’t go sockless, so pack ankle or invisible socks for these.

A pair of Jeans and Chinos


If space is really at a premium, pack one pair of chinos, and wear a pair of jeans which can be mix and matched over the weekend. A pair of dark blue jeans offers great versatility, whilst the colour of the chinos is entirely up to you, as long as it compliments your choice of shirts. Jeans are usually heavier and more cumbersome to pack, so chinos or trousers are a better option as your second pair.

Shirts and Polo’s


No surprises here but a sharp white oxford button up is a necessity that can’t be replaced in your bag. Along with this your options are to pack a more casual checked button up (short or long sleeved), a clean under-shirt and a good quality light weight polo shirt which can be paired with the blazer if need be.

A Hoodie


The classic saviour for nearly every occasion, weather and mood. A zip up hoodie can never go wrong, whether for lounging around in, sporting a casual look or to keep you dry, it’s a wise choice to pack one of these. Extremely flexible and comfortable, a dark coloured hoodie (black, navy, grey etc) made of quality cotton is a good choice. Invest in well known brands such as J Crew, American Apparel, GAP and the piece will last you seasons to come.

The travel bag


This is one of the most important pieces. Your travel bag can say a lot about you. Its really not ok to throw your things into an out of shape gym bag or an overly unnecessary suitcase. Having the right size, shape and style of bag means you look the business as well as limiting yourself to what you can and can’t pack, in a good way of course. herschelholdallasos Holdalls (otherwise known as a ‘Man bag’) are growing in popularity. You can easily pick one up from a high street store or even treat yourself to a beautifully crafted designer piece, the choice is yours. A good rule of thumb is if the bag can sit comfortable on your lap, then it’s a good size.

Everything else


There are the extra ‘essentials’ that you will always need and I wouldn’t want to insult our readers by going over these, so we shall ignore those and assume you will be packing what is always required. Another good tip is to pick up some empty travel sized bottles and carriers for your grooming essentials. This is so you don’t have to carry around your full sized bottles of moisturisers, sun-creams and what have you. Ensure all toiletries and items are packed away in a small wash bag for convenience and practicality. You should always have a mini travel kit of your essential grooming items at hand. In terms of packing according to the weather don’t forget your favourite pair of sunglasses (some quality, lightweight aviators) for the heat or a scarf to keep you warm. This ensemble of items pretty much covers most situations and locations you may encounter (at least in the UK). You have the light-weight items in your bag that can be bought out for the warmer and sunnier days, extra layers that can be added on top for evenings out, as well as the extra options of lounging around in style and comfort. Be sure to use this guide as inspiration, and keep in mind that you’re location, time away and of course space will all vary. The key point to take away is that more versatile pieces will work better than statement pieces, and mean that you will have to carry less with you. Read more:

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