What to Expect in AW16

It’s never nice when you see someone wearing your exact outfit when you are out and about or at a fashion show. I mean that’s the worst. We always assume that there is no one out there that ‘has this’ or ‘wears that’. However, you will be surprised at how many people do some research over Instagram, websites and stores to search for the newest trends. We will be bringing you your best shot at being the first to wear some of the hottest Autumn/Winter outfits. Here are our AW16 predictions: What genre/story of style are we expecting? Well like last year it was very vintage, retro and a lot of loose fits. We expect it will be the opposite, especially with the trouser/jeans department. We saw a lot of wide leg, loose fit trousers and jeans from the start AW15 all into this year’s Spring. Our expectation is that this Autumn we’re expecting a punk/rock genre of style with a lot of slim fit, skinny fit trousers and jeans! So hold on to those skinny trousers and jeans, oh and those monochrome tops!!
louis-vuitton--HAP85WUMX630_PM2_Front view

Skinny Trousers – Louis Vuitton - £470.00


Skinny Jeans – Calvin Klein - £95.00

Biker Jackets to weather the storm – leather jackets are going to rise up this AW16. We saw our fair share of them throughout the years but it is about time they get some limelight. So if you haven’t done so yet, get a leather jacket from most high street retailers, especially in this season as they are on sale.

TopMan Leather Biker Jacket - £180.00

Blacks and Whites for the win – We all go dark and dull during Autumn Winter, but there is nothing greater than a monochrome outfit. Just remember to be different, keep your touches of blacks and whites, but be bold, add a touch of colour to shine. Multi coloured socks for example will be very trendy!
Louis Vuitton Print shirt - £470.00

Louis Vuitton Print shirt - £470.00

What about those dressing smart/casual? Never fear! Go for a printed shirt, a polka dot blazer. Stick to the dull colours but add odd coloured socks, a yellow and a pink? Or wear a leather jacket over your suit? THINK PUNK
Joshua Kane Bespoke – Navy Microdot Jacket

Joshua Kane Bespoke – Navy Microdot Jacket

Shoes? Boots? BUCKLES! Your footwear will be your main statement. Black and white are a must. Boots and shoes with buckles and studs are a must! Include loafers with studs and some odd coloured socks and you are in the limelight of those street photographers!
Yves Saint Laurent Buckled Boots - £845.00

Yves Saint Laurent Buckled Boots - £845.00

And that’s the first of many AW16 posts! Keep coming back for more season specific content. Read more menswear summer writing below:

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