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Wine Tasting At Vinopolis London – Review

Best for a first date or group outing with friends
Vinopolis brings the art of wine tasting (and much more) from the vineyards across the world to the heart of London. A multi-purpose converted warehouse, Vinopolis offers Londoners a bar, venue hire and wine tasting tours. After being greeted with an electronic card and glass of unnamed white, the evening begins in the amphitheatre with a short video on the history, origins and production of wine throughout the ages, before exploring the art of 'slurping'. This is then followed by sniffing in order to draw out the individual flavours and key ingredients of the wine, before learning how to gage the age and quality of a wine just by looking at.
The world’s most expensive bottle of white wine is an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, sold to London’s Ritz hotel for a whopping £75,000!
Those with more of an acute sense of taste and smell (ladies here is where you lead the way as women have a more heightened sense of smell than men) are invited to guess the components of the wine by way of smell, slurp, tilt and taste - mineral or oak, flower or fruit, bitter or sweet, old or young. Theatre
The average Joe in the UK consumes, 27.9 litres of wine , 2.2 litres of spirits and 106.4 litres of beer a year.
After being instructed on how to use your electronic card to draw those tipples, this is where the real fun begins. From here you are free to embark on the self-guided tour, allowing you to discover new wines at your own pace. Vinopolis recommend around 1.5 hours to spend on the tour where you are free to discover the eight tasting and educational zones at your own leisure. Regular wines are priced at 1 point each whilst the high end luxury concoctions will set you back 4 points. Each wine is encased within a mini bar containing 4-5 wines that are similar in profundity. Three rooms, or viaducts divide the wines into Whites, Reds and Roses. Which best suits your taste buds is all part of the tasting fun. There are even steel sinks dotted around the area just incase you feel like giving the swirling another go. Keep an eye out for the Ripe and Rounded selection - a personal favourite. You can discover your perfect taste by answering a set of questions on a touch screen where you’ll be advised of the best range of wines to match your taste buds. Winery (2)
The average weight of grapes per 750ml bottle of wine is 1.3kg.
Expert wine hosts are on hand around the venue to answer any of your questions and are more than happy to impart their depth of knowledge on all things wine. We were escorted around by a wonderful gentleman named Vincent who, in his own words, “just love[s] wine”. If you're nice he may even give you a few free samples! Feeling a bit peckish? There’s a tapas café located within the compound, serving a delicious selection of breads, cheeses, olives and cured meats; whilst for those with more of a taste for the hard spirits, you can even use your card to redeem drinks within the Gin and Whisky sections. © Jonas Abbott An informative yet fun experience, Vinopolis is the perfect way to indulge in a wine tasting experience that will top any offered on a vineyard in France. Here, you can experience the tastes of Argentina, Bavaria, France, Australia and even California. The world is your oyster (or wine glass) for the evening. Cheers!
Wine Tasting packages range from £27 to £38 and run Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm (last admission is at 3pm). For more information please visit:

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