The winter survival guide

Winter is so much more than a great coat – it is a survival of the fittest. The strongest men out there, take it on like the burdensome challenge that it is and embrace it for all its ice. Being prepared is key – get all of the right kit and look damn good doing it. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t want to go out for a walk on a Sunday afternoon because its too cold outside. Here’s our round up of what you need to survive the cold spell.

A beanie


Still out hat of choice for the winter – a beanie covers the head, ears and requires no fuss. Yes, it will mess your hair up but that’s the small price to pay for warmth and comfort. Shop at Paul Smith.

A great backpack

111-3005066-fl2623_navy_m The truly robust man knows that he needs a bag that he can throw everything in, get into and out of very quickly and that matches his rugged, outdoors life. If you have not heard of Stighlorgan, they are a great go to brand for active men and this bag is the perfect example of what they do best.

A thick knit

tm76g20mblk_zoom_f_1 We all know that when it gets cold, the thicker the knit, the better. Forget about layering and look to the high street for a thick, almost boiling knit. This one from Religion at Topman perfectly fits the bill.

A robust pair of boots

6739000-2 Being prepared means being ready for anything, whatever the weather. Alpine means snow which basically means that there is not anywhere that these shoes will not help you survive in. Super comfortable and stylish at the same time, you can grab them at Asos. What do you think of our picks? Tweet Taj. For more menswear check out the following:

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