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3 tips to grow the perfect moustache and beard faster

There has been a rising trend for facial hair in recent years. Whilst many communities keep beards as part of their commitment to a particular faith or conviction, a fair number have been tending to elaborate moustaches and smart beards in the name of grooming and style. The men of the Indian Subcontinent are renowned for their many varied and well-groomed styles of facial hair and British Asians today, possibly encouraged by the emergence of the hipster, are harking back to some of these heritage facial hair styles, sometimes adding a contemporary twist for a more polished and relevant look. This month, No Shave November aims to promote cancer awareness and although putting down the razor is the main rule for No Shave November, it is thankfully permitted for participants to trim and groom their beards for the sake of social acceptance. So without further ado, I present to you the best tips to grow the perfect moustache and beard for your face, with suggestions for upkeep and maintenance.


Kiehl's Old Eliminator Before attempting to cultivate any form of facial hair, as with most creative undertakings, it is necessary to begin with a blank canvas. This comprises of a deep facial cleanse and a good shave. Start off by steaming the face to open up all the pores. This can be done over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, or by applying a warm, damp muslin cloth to the face a few times. Once the pores are open, a good facial scrub should be utilised. Everyone has their own preference, from the more gentle scrubs to those that pack an invigorating punch. Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator exfoliating face wash is excellent for reducing ingrown hairs due to its oil-regulating natural ingredients. It is a gentle cleanser that uses crushed apricot kernel and argan shells to lift away dead skin cells, allowing pores to breathe and healthy hairs to emerge.  For a deeper cleanse, Baxter of California offer a facial scrub designed to be used as a weekly treatment. A mask can also be applied to the face, with some recommendations available in this article for healthy skin. Now is the time to shave. Using your favourite shaving product and a fresh blade, give yourself the cleanest shave possible. This procedure will ensure that your beard will grow in a uniform manner, and with a consistent length throughout. Recommended Products  


The_Brighton_Beard_Company_Beard_Oil_Sandalwood With the face fully prepared, it is time to encourage hair growth. It is important to continue using a facial scrub and moisturising with your product of choice. Scrubbing will prevent ingrown hairs and those unsightly spots and razor bumps, whilst moisturising, and the all-important act of massaging the face, works by increasing blood circulation and stimulating healthy hair growth. Traditional methods of acquiring luxurious facial hair would include a vigorous face massage with such warming oils as mustard and sesame. Dried fruits like dates and raisins would be soaked overnight and eaten to increase blood circulation. Although both scrubbing and moisturising are equally important, as a general rule, those with oily or problem skin should exfoliate more often to keep pores clear, whilst those with drier, ageing skin should moisturise in order to keep the skin elastic and well nourished.


After about a week, you should be able to notice a visible facial shadow, if not the beginnings of a full beard. This is when you can decide what style you want to groom your facial hair into.


Stubble Header For those that find it difficult growing ample facial hair, neatly trimmed stubble is the best look to opt for. Most men who are unable to grow a full beard have a facial hair pattern resembling that of Zayn Malik’s, bestowing them with a sparkle of youthful charm. This style requires the least attention, with a regular trim being all the effort needed for its upkeep. The neck area, and along the jaw line can be shaved and marked for a sharper finish, and it is always important to continue exfoliating and moisturising to keep razor burn and ingrown hairs at bay.


Moustache Header Training a moustache always begins with a good pair of facial hair scissors and a moustache comb. A moustache should be combed only when dry, and then trimmed to keep the hair off the top lip. Suave pencil moustaches must also be marked with a razor blade, and trimmed using a trimmer to keep the hair short and neat. Remember to keep the hair moisturised with coconut oil or a good beard oil, such as The Brighton Beard Company’s Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Beard Oil. Oils will not only keep facial hair soft and conditioned, but will also penetrate the skin underneath to prevent itching and dry, flaky skin. Those who desire to sport a sophisticated handlebar or a slick English moustache can begin to comb their facial hair as it grows to the desired style. A moustache wax is indispensable at this stage in order to train and define the hair. Pall Mall Barbers produce an excellent moustache wax scented with sandalwood and clove. It is a good idea to work out what style of beard or moustache works best for your face shape. Long, defined faces can pull off extravagant moustaches and full beards, whereas a round face should avoid moustaches altogether, and a square face can be flattered by a thicker moustache and a goatee.

Full Beard

Beard Header A magnificent full beard is a sight to behold on the right face. It should be well groomed, neat and tidy, thick, and incredibly clean and healthy looking. It should be marked around the cheeks to highlight definition, and can also be shaved at the neck for the same effect. As with moustaches, a beard needs to be tended to and looked after through regular washing, scrubbing, and moisturising. This will keep the hair soft and luscious, avoiding that dreary, straw-like look. For longer beards, a hair dryer can be used on a low setting - pay as much importance to your beard as you do to the hair on your head through regular combing, trimming, and oil massage will keep your beard looking its best and you at your sharpest. Recommended Products

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