Weddings are expensive, but not all weddings have to be a display of extravagance. In fact, you can still have your dream wedding, even if you plan it on a budget!

Here are 4 tips to help you cut down the costs of your wedding:

Keep the Guest List Small

I once attended a friend’s wedding where the number of guests who showed up at the reception were more than those who were actually invited. To make a long story short, the bride was irked when the food ran out in the middle of the reception, and when some of the guests ran out after eating at the reception. It was a nightmarish experience that could’ve been avoided had she kept her guest list small and intimate.

Your wedding doesn’t need a long guest list for it to be fun and memorable. It would be better if you keep it intimate and only invite friends and family who truly matter. That way, your special day will be spent with the people who actually care about you and your groom’s story, not with wedding crashers who are just in it for the food or the social media updates.

Besides, cutting down the guest list will allow you to cut costs on the reception’s catering and rental (because you can look for a smaller venue with fewer guests attending). So ultimately, it’s a move that would benefit both your wallet and your soul.

Look for a Cheap but Beautiful Venue

Indoor wedding venues are often expensive and considered as one of the most significant expenses during weddings. It’s a good thing, though, that there are plenty of less expensive venue alternatives that aren’t downgrades in terms of location and atmosphere, like outdoor venues.

When it comes to outdoor venues, you have lots of options. There are public parks, summer camps, botanical gardens, beaches, and other possible outdoor locations that accept bookings for weddings. And if you have a friend who owns a sizeable property that he’s willing to rent out for your special day, then that will also do.

However, if you really want to have your wedding in an indoor setting, you can do some research and look for the most affordable options available, whether it’s a small local church for the ceremony, or an intimate ballroom with a nice atmosphere. What’s important is that you find a venue that fits both your taste and budget.

In addition, having your ceremony and reception at the same venue is also a great idea if you’re looking to save more money. Doing this will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of transportation and decorations.

Take the Lead in Creating Your Wedding Invitations

For something that your guests will most likely throw away after reading, spending a lot of money on professionally-made wedding invitations definitely seems like a waste of cash. Fortunately, you can save some money by making your own wedding invitations.

If you do decide to take the lead in the creation of your wedding invitations, you’ll need a printer, a little bit of Adobe Photoshop skills, printing materials, and a decent chunk of time. However, if you aren’t confident with your design skills, you can always ask someone you know to design a simple invitation for you and request for a discount (or hope that he’ll volunteer to do it for free, considering that it’s a simple invitation and it’s your wedding. But don’t be mad or disappointed if he doesn’t).

You can also scour the Internet and look for websites that offer affordable wedding invitations, or hire an online freelance graphic designer to design a simple invitation for you.

Alternatively, you can create the invitations using your own two hands to make it more adorable and personal. You will, however, need a nice set of pens and enough stationery. So be ready to spend money on those. Don’t worry, though, because going this route is a whole lot cheaper than hiring a designer and using a printer.

Don’t Splurge Too Much on Décor

When it comes to the decorations of your wedding venues (ceremony and reception), you don’t necessarily have to spend lots of cash on décor just to make them look beautiful. As a cost-cutting alternative, you can make the décor yourself. Though taking the DIY route is a time-consuming endeavour, it will allow you to save a lot of money on wedding decorations.

However, if you lack creativity skills or you found that going the handmade route will actually cost you more money, you can find stores or people that sell used event décor. Some recent brides don’t believe in sentimental value and immediately sell their decorations and centrepieces after the wedding. You can use that as an opportunity to hunt for good bargains and save a lot of cash.

Final Notes

The items in this list prove that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money just to make your own wedding special. Feel free to incorporate one or more of these ideas into your dream wedding.


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