Anil Arjandas – Instagram celebrity and men’s jewellery designer

With the Baselworld watch fair well underway, all focus is very much on your 'wrist game' this week. A terminology I associate closely with Anil Arjandas, the 34-year-old jewellery designer from Spain. His Instagram account has become one of the most popular amongst jewellery and watch lovers alike with over 400k followers worldwide, who all get a glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle. Anil has an exquisite sense of style and passion in his work, so I made sure to catch up with him for a quick one-to-one. Your Instagram page is aspirational and one of my favourites. Is this your life or your brand that we have an insight into? You have a little bit of both. It started as a personal Instagram account but now it's a mix of my travels, my passions and of course the news and novelties of my brand. How important is Instagram for the industry you are in? I think it is very important for the jewellery industry and for many other industries like fashion or any retail business. You can reach a lot of people and show what you are doing in a very easy and visual way. What’s makes your men’s jewellery so unique? I think that the big difference is that I design for myself. I started doing bracelets for my personal use and people were asking me about them. My collection was more focused on women's pieces, but now it's more less same for women and men. What’s your signature piece? For men my signature piece is the hook wristgame and for woman the leather ring. _MG_3292 Describe your typical male customer. My male customer is normally a watch collector that loves luxury and fashion. Someone who pays attention to details and likes the exclusivity of being different. Normally between 20 to 50-years old. How do your clientele’s preferences differ between Puerto Banus and Mayfair? They are both very similar. In fact it's funny because the pieces I sell most are the same in London, Miami, Hong Kong or Vietnam. How did you collaboration with WatchAnish come about? We are really good friends, I love what he does and he is a big fan of my jewellery so I guess it came naturally. It’s a collaboration that will bring big surprises. _MG_8388 Are your men’s bracelets designed to be worn alongside a luxury watch? As I said before, I started designing for myself and I wanted bracelets that I can wear with the watch. As I don’t like scratches, I tried to create pieces that you can wear with a watch without scratching it. What brand of watch are we most likely to see on your wrist nowadays? If you follow me on Instagram it's easy to know: Audemars Piguet. Sometimes I am quite boring because I'm wearing this brand almost all the time. What else is on your wish list at the moment? More APs 🙂 (Audemars Piguets) baja We often see a close link between between watches, accessories and fashion. Would you consider delving into menswear? I had a lot of offers and I have designs to create men's and women's wear but for the moment I don't have time to do it. Maybe one day. Describe your style in 3 words. Simply but sophisticated. What would we find in excess in your wardrobe? Black jackets and white shirts Fashion aside what else are you passionate about? I love to travel, I love food, art , technology and design in general. It's easy for me to find new passions. What are your future projects? I am always full of new projects! New collections always going on, collaborations and many other projects. We launched a few months ago a perfume and candle line and we are working on new fragrances.
Follow Anil on Instagram or visit his website to view his current collection.

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