Timber suppliers and interior decorator enthusiasts have confirmed the most popular flooring choice for both residential and commercial floors is hardwood. Below we are going to outline why hardwood flooring will continue this trend long into the future.

Hardwood floors
  1. Durable Enough to Last for Generations

Homeowners often go for hardwood flooring because it is strong and built to last. This is especially true for high-quality hardwood floors that are manufactured and installed to certain standards. In fact, it is among the handful of floor options that could last for generations, given that proper care is provided.

  • Low Maintenance Requirements & Super Easy to Clean

I think that one of the most underrated advantages of hardwood floors is that it doesn’t accumulate that much dirt, dust and debris, which means that its maintenance requirements are very low. And when it’s time to clean them, all you have to do is sweep, vacuum or mop the floor to remove any filth present. Plus, unlike carpets, hardwood floors are very stain resistant.

  • The Eco-Friendliest Flooring Option Available

If you care about the environment and want to make a difference through your purchase decisions, then hardwood floors are perfect for you. We all know that trees are a renewable resource and that hardwood floors are made from trees which are being replanted regularly, so of course, it’s the most eco-friendly option available out there. Could you say the same for other flooring systems that go through a lot of processes and require more carbon emissions to manufacture? I believe not.

  • Versatile Enough to Blend with Any Theme
hardwood flooring in the bedroom

There’s something about the natural look of hardwood that makes it such a wonderful addition to any decorative setting. If I were to describe it in words, I’d go for warm, elegant and versatile. So regardless of the decorative style you have going in your home, hardwood floors will have no trouble looking gorgeous and blending with your theme.

  1. Unlimited Design Possibilities

Other than the inherent versatility provided by hardwood flooring because of its naturally beautiful appearance, you can also change its colour to fit the most recent trends and styles. You can do that by having your existing hardwood floors refinished, re-sanded, or stained. The best part? Doing any of these three on a single hardwood floor panel is a lot more cost-effective than, say, purchasing a new replacement floor of a different colour whenever you’re changing up your home’s theme.