Fathom V by Beaufort London

There is something very special about having a fragrance that no-one else has. Whilst the new scent from Beaufort London doesn’t promise this, the wonderfully singular scent makes it much more likely than buying another scent from a high street department store. Overseen by musician and writer Leo Crabtree, the brand is focused on offering uniquely British scents that are driven by curiosity and inspired by the sea. Crabtree’s first home was a boat on the River Thames and being surrounded by water left a lasting impression on him. The brand name, “Beaufort London” is derived from the 1805 wind force scale) and Britain’s nautical past is a strong source of inspiration for each fragrance within the collection. Beaufort London Male grooming Eau de Parfum Leo Crabtree photogr The newest of those scents is the Fathom V eau de parfum. Broadly taking its inspiration from Ariel’s Song in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (in which the genius playwright conjures violent storms, shipwreck and magical islands) the fragrance is a contradictory flux between the calm and the wild, using seemingly opposing raw materials in higher than average concentrations. Salt meets earth, sparkling herbals blend with dark spice and pepper and bright floral notes are mixed with dark mosses. The scent is  one that starts strong, lingers for hours and calms after a short period of time, like any wild storm. From £95 for 50ml and available at Beaufort London

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